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What are the branches of religion in the Shiite religion?

These are the actions that a Shiite Muslim must perform.

ده گل فوق العاده برای زنبور عسل به همراه معرفی آن گلها - پوپونیک
ten flowers

1- Prayer 2-Fasting 3- Hajj 4- Jihad 5- Khums 6- Zakat 7- Taula: It means friendship with good and faithful people 8- Tabara That is, enmity with God’s enemies 9- Order to do good 10-Prohibition of denial :That is, to prevent people from doing bad things


 It is obligatory for every Muslim to fast. Fasting means: Muslims should avoid eating and drinking for one month each year from dawn to dusk. The reason for fasting may be that man understands the blessings of God and that Muslims also understand the living conditions of hungry and poor people. Perhaps another reason is to relax his digestive and urinary systems. The fasting month is Ramadan.

عکس/ پذیرایی از روزه داران بی بضاعت در اسلام آباد
Party giving to the poor fasting people