2- Sheikh Ansari’s meeting with Imam Zaman(AS)

shehkh mortaza Ansary

Allameh Sheikh Morteza Ansari was one of the prominent scholars and authorities of the thirteenth century. The textbooks “Makaseb” and “Rasa’il” which are taught in seminaries are among his works. He was an unparalleled ascetic and devotee and was considered the only age in terms of science and spiritual aspects.

When his mother was told, “Your child has reached the highest levels of knowledge and piety,” he replied, “I was waiting for my child to progress further; “Because I did not breastfeed him unless I was performing ablutions, and even on cold winter nights I did not breastfeed him without ablutions.”

One of the students of the late Sheikh Morteza Ansari says: “I came out of the house in Karbala in the middle of the night, while the alleys were muddy and dark and I had taken a lamp with me. I saw a person from a distance, and when I approached him, I saw that my teacher was Sheikh Ansari. Seeing him, I thought, where are they going in these muddy alleys with weak eyes ?!

Fearing that someone might be lurking in front of him, I slowly followed him. The sheikh went to stand next to a house and next to that house he recited the pilgrimage of the community (it is a prayer) with a special attention, then he entered the house. I could not see anything but I could hear the sheikh talking to someone. An hour later, I went to the holy shrine and saw the sheikh there.

Later, when I reached his service and asked him the story of that night, after much insistence, they said to me: “Sometimes I am allowed to reach the service of” Imam Asr “and next to that house (which you will not find). I go and read the pilgrimage of the community, if they allow me to enter, I will be honored to serve that Imam and I will ask the necessary information from that server and I will ask for help and I will return.

Then Sheikh Morteza Ansari promised me not to tell this to anyone until his life.

Book of the meeting of the great scholars of Islam with the Imam of the time, p 6

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