Meeting of Allama Bahr al-Ulum with Imam Zaman (AS)

Bahrol olom

The late Mullah Zayn al-Abedin Salmasi said: One day we were sitting in the House of Fakhr al-Shi’a, Ayatollah Allama Bahr al-Uloom (RA) in Najaf Ashraf, when the scholar Mirza Abu al-Qasim Qomi, the author of the Book of Laws, came to visit Allama.

That year was the year that Mirza came from Iran to visit the Iraqi Imams (as) and perform the Hajj of the Sacred House of God. Those in the classroom, which numbered more than a hundred, dispersed. Only I was left with three of the qualities of the companions of Allama, who were of the highest degrees of virtue, piety and ijtihad.

Mohaghegh Qomi turned to Sayyid and said: You have reached the physical authorities (because of sovereignty) and the spiritual authorities (near the holy shrine of the Commander of the Faithful) and the esoteric. After those infinite blessings, grant us something.

Sayyid said without hesitation: Last night or two nights ago (there is a doubt about the carrier) I went to Kufa Mosque to offer night prayers. With the intention of returning to Najaf Ashraf in the early morning, so that the lessons will not be closed. When I came out of the mosque, I was eager to go to Sahleh Mosque; But I withdrew from it, for fear of not reaching Najaf Ashraf; But moment by moment my enthusiasm grew and my heart longed for it.

I was in the same state of doubt when suddenly a wind blew and dust arose and moved me towards Sahleh Mosque. It was not long before I found myself next to Sahleh Mosque. I entered the mosque; I saw that it is empty of pilgrims and hesitants, except that a noble person is praying to the God of Judges, with sentences that upset the heart and made the eyes weep.

My mood changed and my heart sank and my knees trembled and tears flowed from hearing those words. These were sentences I had never heard or seen; Therefore, I understood that the supplicant should not read those words from his archives; Rather, he composes them.

I stood in my place and listened and enjoyed them until he finished praying. Then he turned to me and said in Persian: Mehdi, come and go and stand.

He said again that I was going. I went again for a while and stopped. For the third time, he ordered to go forward and said: politeness is in obedience. That is, come as far as I said, not to stop for the sake of observing politeness.

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