Meeting with Imam Zaman (AS) in the present age-2

A meeting between Ayatollah Haqshanas and Imam Zaman (A.S.)

One of the students and close friends of the religious scholar Hazrat Ayatollah Hajj Mirza Abdul Karim Haqshanas, in a telephone interview with him by the reporter of Labik, he shared an unspoken and instructive memory of that divine scholar, which you will see below:

Mr. RL said: The late Haj Agha (Ayatollah Haqshanas) missed his flight at Mehrabad airport when he wanted to go to Mecca and had to be sent alone for the next flight.

After getting off the plane in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) because no one knew him and he had lost his caravan and he also did not know where the accommodation of the caravan and his companions was, they boarded a taxi and the taxi driver accompanied them. A convoy is disembarked and they are not treated with respect during this route.

Even that caravan gives a place like a warehouse where onions, potatoes, etc. were kept to Ayatollah Haqshanas and they say that you are not our pilgrim.

Ayatollah Haqshanas, who had become “distressed” due to his old age and physical condition on the one hand, and people’s inappropriate treatment of him, found recourse to the holy presence of Sahib al-Zaman (a.s.) (Imam Mahdi a.s.) in the same place (the hotel storeroom).

Ayatollah Haqshanas says: Until I found refuge with Hazrat Hojjat (A.J.), Agha (A.J.) came, I stood up, I stood up, he smiled at me and I held Agha Imam Zaman for 15 minutes and I reported to them that I I got stuck on the flight, I lost my way and…they mistreated me, they said these things to me and they say you are not one of us… I used to say that they heard all my prayers, after my prayers were over, Hazrat Hojjat came, when Imam Zaman left, suddenly the door of the warehouse opened and the head of the Iranian consul in Jeddah came in and said where were you and we searched for you a lot and…

Then, after expressing this memory, Mr. R-L continued by quoting Ayatollah Haqshanas:

This was while no one knew where Ayatollah Haqshanas was, then he was treated with great dignity and respect and all facilities were provided.

After expressing this memory, Ayatollah Haqshanas used to say:

Any person in need, wherever he is, appeals to Hazrat Baqiyat Allah, Hazrat himself will come.

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Sources: Islampedia, Ayatollah Haqshana information base

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