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Imam Mahdi (as)

imam mahdy (as)

Examining the emergence of the minor (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in the Qur’an, hadiths and sayings of the elders

After the continuous unkindness of the people of the age of presence, we approached the period of absence; A 69-year period of Soghra’s absence paved the way for Cobra’s absence. Then began the long period of Cobra’s absence. It appears from many verses and narrations that a period of the emergence of the minor was designed before the advent of the Imam of the Age; Here is a brief reference to some verses and narrations: The emergence of Soghra (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in the Qur’an

Examining the emergence of the minor (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in the Qur’an, hadiths and sayings of the elders

After the continuous unkindness of the people of the age of presence, we approached the period of absence; A 69-year period of Soghra’s absence paved the way for Cobra’s absence. Then began the long period of Cobra’s absence. It appears from many verses and narrations that a period of the emergence of the minor was designed before the advent of the Imam of the Age; Here is a brief reference to some verses and narrations: The emergence of Soghra (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in the Qur’an

1. “O you who believe, if you turn away from your religion, you will come to God with a people who love them, and they will love you.” Majma ‘al-Bayyan wa Tafsir Nomon:

2. “And the last of them, for they are righteous to one another, and He is the Beloved, the Wise.” Complex of statements and examples: The position of Yadah Ali on the shoulders of Salman and he said, “If there is faith in al-Tharia for the sake of the men of the abyss,” Bihar, vol. 16, p. He put his hand on Salman’s shoulder and said, if faith had grown, men would have found it!

3. “And if they change, they will change into a people other than you, then they will be like you.” Muhammad / 38: Majma ‘al-Bayan: I am the one who mentions God in the Book and is Salman to the side of the Messenger of God (PBUH). Then he quotes narrations from Abu Basir quoting Imam Sadegh (AS) which confirms it. Abu Hurayrah says that a group of people asked the Messenger of God: Who are these whom God has mentioned in his book? The Prophet of God touched the thigh of Salman Farsi, who was sitting next to them, and said: This man and his people! I swear to God, if faith had hung on Soraya, men from Persia would have reached it.

4. “And they came to the Children of Israel in the Book, so that they might rot in the land of the mortals, and proclaim it with great pomp. Nephira »Captivity / 4-6; I was sitting in the service of Imam Sadegh (as). He recited this verse: When the time comes for the punishment of your corruption and criminality of the children of Israel, We will rule over you a group of Our servants who have a lot of determination and intensity of action and resistance to punish you, and they are among the cities. They seek you to punish one of you if you have not been punished for your deed, and this is a promise from God. The narrator asks: “Did you make a sacrifice for me? He said three times: “And God is the people of Qom!” Baharalanvar, vol. 57, p. 216. The emergence of Soghra (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in narrations

1. Hazrat Khatam al-Anbiya (PBUH): “People are expelled from the East by the rulers of the Mahdi Sultan” Bihar Al-Anwar, vol. 51, p. People rise from the east; Then they prepare the ground for the rule of Mahdi.

2. Imam Baqir (AS): Understand that you do not have the soul to possess this matter. Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 52, p. Then they ask for justice again and again they hesitate. When this happened, they carried their swords and rose up; At this time, they are given concessions, but they do not accept to [finalize] the uprising. And this people will not give it except to your Lord. Their victims are martyrs. And if I understand that, I will save my life for the owner of it.

3. Imam Kadhim (PBUH): “My statesman of people from Qom to al-Haq Ydv Yjtm community Kzbr people Hadid La Tzlhm wires Alvasf and I Ymlvn La Vela Yjbnvn backpacks Allah Al-Harbi Ytvklvn Valaqbh Llmtqyn” Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 57, p. 216. man from Qom stands up, calls the people to the truth; A group like pieces of iron gather around him; The strong wind does not slip their events and they get tired of the war [unlike Hashemi, Mousavi and Rezai who gave the cup of poison to the late Imam] and they do not fear and trust in God and the end of good is for those who are pious.

Imam Zaman’s care for Iran in World War I: “During World War I and the occupation of Iran by British and Russian forces, when attacks on the Shiite nation had peaked, the late Ayatollah Naeini [1] was very upset and worried about Where this situation will lead to, lest this beloved country of the Imam of the Age (pbuh) be destroyed and fall. They fall asleep sadly and dream that it is a wall in the shape of a map of Iran and this wall has failed, bent and is falling. The late Naini is so worried when he sees this scene that he shouts and says: God!Where will this situation lead? Meanwhile, they see that the Imam of the Age (pbuh) came and took his blessed finger towards the wall that was bent and falling, and lifted it and put it back in its place. Then they said: This is our Shiite house! “It breaks, it bends, there is danger, but we do not let it fall, we hold it.”

The emergence of Soghra (Islamic Revolution of Iran) in the biography and words of Imam Khomeini The

words of the late Imam are interpreters of previous verses and hadiths. He operated on the truth of these verses and hadiths and treated the most eloquent translation of the history of Islam from verses and hadiths. Here are some points from the flow of these verses and narrations:

_ The translator of “My man from Qom” a man from Qom rises

1. Rasa News Agency: The interim Friday Imam of Qom, Hojjat al-Islam and Saeedi Muslims, on the night of February 11, 2009 in the Ahl al-Bayt Mosque in Qom: And was not unaware of the occurrence of this movement. Ayatollah Nasrullah Shahabadi, the son of Ayatollah Shahabadi, the teacher of Imam Khomeini, who is now in Qom, said that in 1943, I had a dream that in Khuzestan, palm trees were cut down and fire was everywhere, and Imam Hussein (AS) They are sitting in a tent and they are very upset and two other women are cursing in the tent next to them and I understood so much that apparently they are two wives of the Prophet, I told this dream to Imam Khomeini and asked him to interpret it.At first, the Imam only said no; But at my insistence and on the condition that I do not tell it to anyone as a secret until he is alive, they said that we will go to Iran from Najaf, the Shah will go and the movement will win, at the beginning of the movement by some sects There are conspiracies against the system; But all of them are neutralized. After that, Iran is attacked from Khuzestan through Iraq, and even one of your family members is martyred in this war; But still we win. … so far it has been the interpretation of your dream; “But your father told me the course of the movement from beginning to end, and I know it all.”So far it has been the interpretation of your dream; “But your father told me the course of the movement from beginning to end, and I know it all.”So far it has been the interpretation of your dream; “But your father told me the course of the movement from beginning to end, and I know it all.”

2. Iran Network, quoting the memoirs of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Akbari Ghorashi [2], reports: “Years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, one day in Urmia, I heard that Ayatollah Khazali in a public speech said something about this The theme is: Imam Zaman (may God hasten his fate) during the victory of the revolution twice gave a message of victory and guidance to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, and these two messages were sent by a noble and spiritual person who lives in Tehran and I I know Imam Khomeini has been notified. This was very strange to me and I tried to find out the truth. Until a few months later, in the Assembly of Experts, I saw Ayatollah Khazali and asked him about it. Mr. Khazali fully confirmed the issue. I said: So if I write this to you in writing, will you write a written answer? He said: Yes, there is no problem. You write, I write both theorems in your answer. I wrote: “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.Hazrat Ayatollah Khazali Damat Barakat! Peace be upon you and mercy be upon you. Explain that Mr. Latifi twice brought the good news of victory to Imam Khomeini (as) from Imam al-Zaman (as). “He wrote in his reply:

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate! 1. Message to Paris when they said: The Shah is leaving, do not worry! Bleeding! 2. The 22nd of Bahman [written by Ayatollah Khazali on the 22nd of Bahman, but Imam Khomeini’s message to come out of the houses is related to the 21st of Bahman [3]], the message that you should not stay at home, throw out Otherwise, you will be killed! In the same message, Imam Khomeini declared, “Do not care about the military government and throw it out.” There were no tanks or the like, so the dangerous conspiracy to bring hundreds of tanks into Tehran and destroy the revolution with bloodshed and bomb the Imam’s residence was thwarted.[The documents of the large-scale coup designed for this day were obtained after the victory of the revolution, and it turned out that with the order of the Imam to be present in the streets, the possibility of that coup was completely eliminated.]

Mr. Khazali testified about this both orally and in writing and confirmed it. Another issue in this regard is the memory of Mr. Mortezaeifar, which was quoted in one of the IRGC magazines and confirms the message of victory of Imam Zaman (may God hasten his fate) to Imam Khomeini (Rizwan Allah Alayh).

He says in that memoir: “We were sitting in the house of Ayatollah Taleghani on February 12, 1979. They told him: The Imam has sent a message that people should not stay in their houses, go out and do not care about the military government. Mr. Taleghani said: Imam They have been away from Iran for 15 years and they do not care how cruel these strongmen of the regime are, if they go out, they will massacre everyone, so it is better to sit in houses and see what happens in the end. The late Taleghani spoke with the Imam on the phone for about half an hour to perhaps convince the Imam not to evict people from their homes. He stopped people coming out of their houses and ignoring the martial law, until Mr. Taleghani hung up the phone and hugged his knees in a corner and remained silent, even resting his head on his knees and thinking of falling.

We said to ourselves that the Imam must have said something and, for example, he told him not to interfere and …; Therefore, Mr. Taleghani is upset. But we did not say anything until he suddenly lifted his head from his knees and returned to normal. We asked: Sir, what happened? Did the Imam attack you or say something that upset you? Mr. Taleghani said: No, no, this is not a problem at all. I insisted that the Imam withdraw his declarations, and whatever the Imam said, I was not convinced. Finally, he said: Mr. Taleghani, do not insist, give the possibility that this order is from the Imam of the Age (may God hasten his fate). “Until the Imam said this sentence, I shivered and hung up involuntarily and my mood changed.” [4]

3. Unless Hazrat Baqiyatullah contradicts me! Mr. Kowsari, Imam Rahel shrine reader: “One of the dignitaries of Mashhad, quoting a friend, quoted that we were in the service of the Imam in Najaf Ashraf and there was talk of Iran. I said, what are the orders you are giving to expel the Shah from Iran? A tenant cannot be evicted, then you want to evict the king? The Imam was silent. I thought maybe they had not heard my width. I repeated my words. The Imam was upset and said: What are you saying? Is Hazrat Baqiyatullah Salawat Allah against me wrong? “The king must go!” Rasa News Agency. NK: Waiting Quarterly, Vol. 14, p. 5. _ Translator

1. “The revolution of the Iranian people is the starting point of the great world revolution of Islam under the banner of Hazrat Hojjat Arvahana Fedah, may God bless all Muslims and the world and place his emergence in the present age!” Sahifa Noor, vol. 21, p. 327. The last message of Nowruz of Imam Rahel.

2. “I hope that this revolution will become a world revolution and will be a prelude to the emergence of the rest of God (our souls for redemption). “I congratulate all the believers, all the oppressed of the world, all the Muslims of the world!” Sahifa Noor, vol. 16, p. 131.

3. “It is hoped that this revolution will be a divine spark that will cause a great explosion in the oppressed masses and lead to the dawn of the blessed revolution of Hazrat Baqiyatullah – our souls are the prelude to redemption.” sahifa nor V 15 ،p 62.

4. “By the will of God, we will break the hand of aggression and oppression of all oppressors in Islamic countries, and by issuing our revolution, which is in fact the issuance of a true revolution and the expression of Muhammadan rulings, we will end the domination and oppression of the cannibals and help “God, we are paving the way for the emergence of a savior, a total reformer and the absolute Imamate of truth, the Imam of Time – our souls of sacrifice.” sahifeh nor V 20 P 132.


1. “Relying on God Almighty and the support of the owner of this country, Imam al-Zaman (peace be upon him), you will complete this destination and you will reach it.” Sahifa Noor Imam, vol. 14, p. 330.

2. “May God free us all from these evil shackles so that we can take this divine trust [of the Islamic Republic] to its destination and reject it to the trustee, the Promised Mehdi – our souls are the prelude to redemption.” Sahifa Noor, vol. 18 ، P 472.

3. We will form an Islamic government and hand over the flag to the owner of the flag! Ali Mohammad Besharti – Former Minister of Interior: In the summer of 1958, when I was in charge of IRGC intelligence, we had a report that Mr. Shariatmadari had said in Mashhad: I am finally declaring war against the Imam! I arrived at the service of the Imam and while presenting the report, I also mentioned the mentioned news. He lowered his head and listened, raised his head when I said this sentence and said: “What are they saying! Our victory is guaranteed by God. We succeed! “Here we will form an Islamic government and hand over the flag to the owner of the flag.” I asked: yourself? Imam was silent and did not answer. Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri, Alchemy of Love, p. 72; And Mohammad Dashti, The Future and Future Makers, p .

Palestine, the mysterious key of Faraj: Imam Khamenei’s speech at the 3rd International Conference on Al-Quds: “If we call Palestine the flag of this jihad, we have not said too much. Today, the whole Islamic world must consider the issue of Palestine as its issue; “This is the key to the mystery that opens the doors of the vulva to the Islamic Ummah.”

Seyyed Hassani being Imam Khamenei; Fars News Agency: Ayatollah Sedighi, one of the mystics of Basir and the interim Friday Imam of Tehran, in September 1988, in Mahdieh, Imam Hassan Mojtaba, narrated a surprising story through an intermediary of Martyr Hashemi: Before the revolution, when Hazrat Agha was young, he traveled to Martyr Hashemi They were in Rasht. During their stay in Rasht, they asked people if there was a scholar and mystic who could visit them for grace. They give the address of a person named Agha Seyed Safi to Agha, who allegedly had miracles. Hazrat Agha, together with Martyr Hasheminejad, intend to visit Agha Seyed Safi and go to his house. Agha Seyyed Safi, while some of the sheikhs and disciples were circling around him, when their eyes fell on Hazrat Agha, they got up and came to him with a welcoming attitude and addressed him as follows: Hello Seyyed Hassan, this is while The parties did not know or see each other.Sir, they say I am Seyyed Hosseini, not Hassani. Mr. Seyyed Safi points out that your mother is Seyyed Hosseini and you are on behalf of Hassani’s mother. Then they talk to Hazrat Agha and point out that in the future you will find a position where the affairs of this country are under your command. Ayatollah Siddiqui recalled that he had presented this to Imam Khamenei in public, and he had confirmed it.

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[ 1]. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) favors to scholars and scholars, p. 315; Also, the meeting of Imam Asr, p. 136, quoting the manifestations of Imam Asr and the punishment of the nation.

[2]. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Akbar Ghorashi is a prominent cleric of Azerbaijan and has a history of membership in all periods of the Assembly of Experts.

[3]. Explanation of Ayatollah Ghorashi.

[4]. Memoirs of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Akbari Ghorashi, published by the Islamic Revolutionary Documentation Center, pp. 133-136.

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