Meeting with Imam Zaman (AS)

Allama Bahr al-Ulum met with Imam al-Zaman (as) in Mecca
The revered cleric Mullah Zayn al-Abedin Salmasi, who witnessed the work of Allameh Bahr al-Ulum during his stay in Mecca, says: .
So one day we had nothing. Therefore, I presented the situation to the service of Allama Bahr al-Ulum and said: “The expenses are high and nothing is available.”
He did not say anything and Allameh’s habit was to circumambulate the Ka’bah in the morning and come home and go to his own room.
Then we would take a hookah for him, he would smoke it. Then he would come out and sit in another room, and the disciples of every religion would gather. So he taught for each group according to his religion.
On the day I complained of poverty yesterday, when he returned from Tawaf, I prepared a hookah as usual, when suddenly someone knocked on the door.
Allameh became very anxious and said to me, “Take the hookah and take it out of here.” And he got up quickly and opened the door near Wader.
So a high-ranking person like the Arabs entered and sat in Sayyid’s room.
They sat for a while and talked to each other. Then the man got up, so Sayyid got up in a hurry and opened the door of the house and kissed his hand and put him on the camel that he had put to sleep in the house.
He went and Wassid came back pale and handed me a letter and said: “This is a letter to a money changer who is on Mount Safa. “Go to him and take from him what is written on him.”
So I took that letter and took it to the same man. When he took the letter and looked at it, he kissed it and said, “Go and get some porters.”
So I went and brought four porters and to the extent that those four people were strong, they brought the French Rial and they took it. The French Rial is five Ajami Qurans and a larger amount. The porters were brought home by the porters. One day I went to the money changer to find out about him and who the letter was from, that I saw neither a money changer nor a shopkeeper! I asked the person who was there about the money changer. “We have never seen a money changer here, and someone is sitting here,” he said. Then I realized that this was one of the secrets of the king of signs “(13).
Book of meeting of great scholars with Imam Zaman (AS)

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