Miracles of Shiite Imams

This is a young Sunni from Zahedan named Saeed chandani.

He had pelvic cancer and doctors wereunable to treat him. A woman tells her teenage mother: Take her to the Jamkaran Mosque in Qom for healing (it is a mosque built by the order of Imam Mahdi (as), the twelfth Imam of the Shiites). The mother takes her child to the mosque, and puts him in a room, and immediately goes to the mosque to pray and supplicate to Imam Mahdi (as). The boy, who is lying in the room and can only move with the help of a cane . He was asleep. He said: I saw two women come in and sit next to me, they spoke Arabic, I didn’t understand what they were saying, but I made up my mind that they were talking about me. I thought they would come to visit me like other people, so I didn’t pay much attention. When one of the ladies left, she said that you were healed, but you didn’t live long. I woke up happy with this news, I saw that I could move without a cane. I went out and waited for my mother and brother. My brother was angry when he saw me out of room and said:, why did you come out of the room, you didn’t say anything would happen to you.I said:  I am fine He was very happy, and he informed my mother … Saeed’s family all became Shiites and Saeed became a Shiite student at the seminary in Zahedan, who was poisoned and died two years later by Sunni extremist groups

Healing of a 23-year-old woman from Rafsanjan in Jamkaran Mosque

Narges Farangizadeh, 23 old age , from Rafsanjan(Iran), has been suffering from headaches for some time. Over time, he developed jumping movements, first on his face and later on all over his body, which was like a seizure and caused damage to his body. The symptoms got worse day by day and the doctors did not give him a convincing answer.  One night in a dream sees a tall man who gives him a bowl of water. He says I won’t drink, the gentleman pours water on his face and says I’ll see you again in ten days, the woman will wake up. She tells her husband: “You have to take me to the Jamkaran mosque. In the end, her brother will accept, so that his sister will not be upset. Ask her to do it. When she enters the courtyard of the mosque, she often suffers from seizures and cannot even speak. Now they are filming the pilgrims of the mosque. His brother’s wife says that to her husband to take him sooner so that they would not film us. Narges says: Until I reached the door of the mosque, I saw that the same  tall man was wearing green. He said to me, “Go on your own. I said I can’t.” He said, “You can, and I saw. I can talk and move.” I found it, and everyone was crying. I fell asleep there due to exhaustion. I saw the same  tall green man again and gave me a date. I ate the dates and saw that it had no core. I said, “Why doesn’t it have a core?” He said: Don’t pay attention, just eat. After waking up, after explaining my dream to my brother’s wife. He said: “Because the fruits of heaven do not have a core. Narges swears that he has been unaware of this until now.”