Imam Ali’s life(Brief)

  Ali (AS) was the only human being born in the house of God (Kaaba) (the effects of the gap in the wall of the Kaaba can still be seen). At the age of 5-8, he grew up in the house of the Prophet and under his tutelage.He was ten years old when the Prophet of Islam was sent as a prophet. After the wife of the Prophet, she was the second person to convert to Islam. And you slept in his bed so that the enemies would not notice his absence. He killed In the battle of Badr Umayyad (ancestor of Mu’awiyah) and his son and his grandson, and About half were killedThe polytheists. And he captured his brothers Abbas and Jafar in this war. There is someone whom the Prophet married his daughter Fatima to, and said that God had commanded me to marry Fatima to Ali. In the battle of Uhud, most people, including Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, fled. He stayed and defended the Prophet to the extent that the Prophet said: O Ali, you hear the voice of the angel who says:There is no chivalry like Ali and no sword like Zulfiqar. In the Khyber War, The Prophet sent Abu Bakr and Omar once with a group to conquer Khyber Fort, respectively, but each time they were defeated. Then he said, “Tomorrow I will give the flag to someone whom God and the Prophet are pleased with and love.” And he also loves God and the Prophet. And the next day he gave the flag to Ali (AS). He After killing the head of the castle and his brother, who was a famous hero, put a millstone on his hat. He removed the castle door and threw it so that the Islamic army could enter the castle. In the trench war, when Amr ibn Abdud was able to jump off the trench with his horse.
Immediate intercession of Ali (AS) from the Shiites on the Day of Judgment
    And he repeatedly asked for a fighter, and every time Ali (AS) asked the Prophet for permission to go to fight. But the Prophet said: Wait, maybe someone volunteered, but no one went, the Prophet put his turban on the Imam’s head. And he said: Now all Islam is against all infidelity. After a few blows, Imam Ali (as) cut off his leg with a blow, and then killed him. The Prophet said: Ali’s blow on the day of the ditch is higher than the reward of worshiping ELF and humans until the Day of Judgment. Ali (AS) was the flag bearer of Islam in all wars. And in all wars he always won. The Umar the second caliph said: If it wasn’t Ali’ssword, Column of Islam, It could not be set up.  Prophet on the Day of Yamolanzart – In the battle of Tabuk in the first and second fraternal brotherhood between immigrants and Ansar repeatedly announced. O Ali, you are my brother- executor and my successor, and your relationship with me is like Aaron’s relationship with Moses, except that he is not a prophet after me. The Prophet gathered everyone in his last Hajj in the Ghadir Khum region. And he said: “Whoever I am his master; Ali is also his master, and … then he put his turban on his head, and the pilgrims congratulated him, among whom were Abu Bakr and Umar. Quran verses ,Purification – Alyum –Mobahele-Aulel amr-zakat… and in narrations, Man Matta – Wasi – Hadith of Kasa – Hadith of Jabir – Hadith of Loh … has been repeatedly emphasized on the guardianship of Imam Ali (AS). In the last days of the Prophet’s life, the companions was gathered around The Prophet, the Prophet said: Bring paper and pen , so that I write something, so that you do not go astray after me. umar (The second caliph (said: The Prophet says delusions. The Prophet was also upset and expelled everyone. Aisha said:”The last moments of life propet,” he was in my house. He told me to go and bring my friend and my beloved. I said, “They brought Abu Bakr, the Prophet looked,” and again he said, “Bring my friend and my beloved.” I said, “They brought Umar.” The Prophet looked again, and repeated the same sentence.
 I shouted and said, “By God, he wants Ali.” After Ali’s arrival, he was happy, hugged him, and put his cover on him, and in the arms of Ali, his soul flew from his body. After the death of the Prophet, all the words of the Prophet for succession were abandoned. And the body of the Prophet had not yet been buried. His Successor was determined. And because Ali (AS) refused to pledge allegiance, the door of his house was set on fire. Thay beat Fatyma the daughter of the Prophet. They took Ali (AS) to the mosque with their hands tied and swore allegiance to Abu Bakr. Then they forcibly took possession of Fadak, which the Prophet had given to his daughter during his lifetime. Fatima (sa) commanded that Abu Bakr and Umar should not be present. And bury her body anonymously at night. Ali (AS) was isolated for 25 years. After the method of the Prophet and true Islam was deviated. The people came to the Imam again. The meeting was too late. Imam (AS) ruled for about 5 years. Do three great wars. According to him, no one but him could do it. The Prophet had also predicted. And he had said, “O Ali, you are fighting with three groups of Marqin, Qastin and Naqsin.” The first war was with the companions of the Prophet and under the command of the Prophet’s wife named Aisha (who was not allowed fight to women anywhere in Islam).The second war with Mu’awiyah, who was the son of Abu Sufyan and Handa Liver-eating.  Which was ruled by Sham during Omar’s time. And the third war was with stupid fanatical religious people, who were fasting during the day and praying at night, but did not have a proper understanding of religion. Finally one Members of the third group on the night of Ramadan 21 in the mosque, which is the house of God. While prostrating, he wounded him with a poisoned sword and died two nights later.