Kyrgyz War

Battle of kyrgyzstan

Battle of Kyrgyzstan


The Battle of Kyrgyzstan is one of the Sufi wars and the name of the region mentioned in the apocalyptic and Sufi narrations. According to some Islamic traditions, in the end times and on the eve of the advent of Imam Mahdi, there will be many wars, seditions and riots. He marches with a large army to Iraq, and in the middle of the road, in a region called Kyrgyzstan in present-day northern Syria, a fierce battle ensues between him and another army.

The Battle of Kyrgyzstan in Hadiths:

In some Shiite and Sunni narrations, the battle of Kyrgyzstan is mentioned, and the authenticity of the document of such narrations needs to be examined.

Shiite narration

A narration attributed to the Prophet (PBUH):

“A sedition will arise and another sedition will follow. The first sedition is like a whip compared to the second compared to the sharp edges of a sword! Then a sedition arises in which all prohibitions are considered lawful! “Then the caliphate will reach the best people on earth while he is sitting in his house.” [1]

Imam Baqir (AS) in a narration addressed to Maysar, while asking about the distance from his residence to Kyrgyzstan, pointed out the greatness and unprecedentedness of the battle that will take place in this region, and said:

“O Miser! How far is it from here to Kyrgyzstan? I said: It is nearby, it is located on the Euphrates coast. So they said: But in this region there will be an event that has not happened like it since the time when God Almighty created the heavens and the earth, and as long as the heavens and the earth stand, it will not happen like that. It is a table from which the predators of the earth and the birds of the sky are fed. ”[2]

A narration attributed to Imam Baqir (AS):

“An event will take place for the sons of Abbas and Marwan in Kyrgyzstan, in which the teenage boy will grow old and God will take any help from them and inspire the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth to feed on the flesh of the oppressors, then Sufyan. Will leave. “[3]

A narration attributed to Imam Baqir (as) about the connection between the battle of Kyrgyzstan and the departure of Sufyan:

“Sufyan’s troops will cross Kyrgyzstan and fight there, so one hundred thousand oppressors will be killed there. Sufyani then sent an army to Kufa, numbering seventy thousand. “[4]

A narration attributed to Imam Sadegh (AS):

“Indeed, for God in Kyrgyzstan is a table that the celestial Soroush announces, so it cries out, O birds of the air, O beasts of the earth! Hurry to eat the flesh of the wicked. ”[5]

Sunni narration

“Sufyani overpowers them with his troops and kills the Turks and Romans in Kyrgyzstan until the beasts of the earth are satisfied with their flesh.” [6]

In another narration, Ibn Hammad quotes Imam Ali (AS):

“Sufyani conquers the Levant, then a battle takes place between them in Kyrgyzstan, until the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth are satisfied with their slain.” [7]

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