The purpose of Imam Hossein’s uprising from Imam’s words

Authors: Nasser Bahrami

Source: Farhang Kausar 2017 No. 73

Specialized areas:

The specialized areas of Islamic sciences are Islamic history and the biography of history and the biography of the history of Karbala

Although Muawiya knew that Imam Hussain (a.s.) would rise against him if he had an opportunity, and even though he even threatened Imam (a.s.) at times, he refrained from taking practical action against that Imam. After the death of Muawiya, the situation changed; Because on the other hand, Yazid was known for his debauchery and irreligion, and he did not care about committing any sin even publicly. He was a raw and inexperienced youth and had no experience in Islam. For this reason, he was not privileged and acceptable among the Companions and their children.

On the other hand, a large group of Kufa people had announced their readiness to accompany Imam Hussain (AS). Imam (a.s.) saw the ground for revealing the true face of the Umayyads and helping God’s religion, and he started his uprising and movement with the aim of reviving God’s religion. In the first stage, if possible, that Imam sought the formation of an Islamic government, and otherwise, he fulfilled his duty by martyring himself and his companions. In his words, he has expressed the motives of his uprising, which we mention.

First: Revealing the true face of Bani Umayya

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