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2- Sheikh Ansari’s meeting with Imam Zaman(AS)

shehkh mortaza Ansary

Allameh Sheikh Morteza Ansari was one of the prominent scholars and authorities of the thirteenth century. The textbooks “Makaseb” and “Rasa’il” which are taught in seminaries are among his works. He was an unparalleled ascetic and devotee and was considered the only age in terms of science and spiritual aspects.

When his mother was told, “Your child has reached the highest levels of knowledge and piety,” he replied, “I was waiting for my child to progress further; “Because I did not breastfeed him unless I was performing ablutions, and even on cold winter nights I did not breastfeed him without ablutions.”

One of the students of the late Sheikh Morteza Ansari says: “I came out of the house in Karbala in the middle of the night, while the alleys were muddy and dark and I had taken a lamp with me. I saw a person from a distance, and when I approached him, I saw that my teacher was Sheikh Ansari. Seeing him, I thought, where are they going in these muddy alleys with weak eyes ?!

What makes invalid Wodu

These factors invalidate ablution.
1- Urinary excretion
2- Fecal excretion
3- Excretion of intestinal gas
4- Intercourse

Sunnis also touch the body of others, but the Shiites do not believe in it.

What Is Islam’s View of Science

In Islam there is a great emphasis on science. As mentioned before. The first Ayah that came to the Prophet of Islam was about reading. Elsewhere we have the Holy Qur’an, which God swear by the pen, and what He writes. In many places in the Holy Quran, man is encouraged to think, to think in his creation, and to create the earth and skies

Science and Islam
The value of science

Does Islam value human beings

Man and humanity

The Holy Qur’an says: Everyone kills a person without killing anyone or causing corruption on earth. It is as if it has killed all human beings, and everyone who has kept one alive is as if he has resurrected all human beings. (Surah of Maeda, Ayah 32)


What are the branches of religion in the Shiite religion?

These are the actions that a Shiite Muslim must perform.

ده گل فوق العاده برای زنبور عسل به همراه معرفی آن گلها - پوپونیک
ten flowers

1- Prayer 2-Fasting 3- Hajj 4- Jihad 5- Khums 6- Zakat 7- Taula: It means friendship with good and faithful people 8- Tabara That is, enmity with God’s enemies 9- Order to do good 10-Prohibition of denial :That is, to prevent people from doing bad things

Authority or leadership in Islam (Shiea)

According to Shiea, God has sent the prophets in order to guide humanity. And the earth has never been free from the friends of God. Because the Prophet of Islam was the last of the prophets. And 1400 years have passed since his Prophet. So it is not logical that God sent 124,000 prophets to the people before Islam. But no one has been appointed for the post-Islam era. Therefore, the Shiites believe that God has given the Imams a continuation of human guidance after the Prophet.