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Jamkaran mosque HISTORY

History of Jamkaran Mosque
Sheikh Fadhil Hassan Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hassan Qomi, who was one of the great Qadma and Shiite scholars and one of the contemporaries of Sheikh Saduq, may God have mercy on him, in his book called History of Qom, about the construction of the Holy Mosque of Jamkaran from the book Quoted from: Sheikh Hassan Mosleh Jamkarani, who is one of the elders, says: I was sleeping in my house in Jamkaran village on Tuesday night, the 17th of Ramadan, 393 AH. It was half past last night when suddenly some people came to my house and They woke me up and said: Arise and answer your Lord Hazrat Mahdi Sahib al-Zaman (as) who has asked you.
Hassan says: I got up and gathered myself and got ready, I said: Let me put on my shirt. “They sang that you should not wear the shirt that is not yours.” I took her hand and took off my pants, the call came that the pants you took were not from you, “take it off. “I threw it down and took off my pants and put them on. Then I went to the key to open the door. They sang that the door was open.

When I came home, I saw a group of elders, I greeted them, they answered and they said hello. They took me to the place that is now Jamkaran Mosque, because I looked well, I saw a bed on which a nice carpet was placed and luxurious pillows were placed on it, and a thirty-year-old man was leaning on that bed and on all fours, and an old man was sitting next to him. And he took a book in his hand and read it to the young man, and more than sixty men around him were praying on this earth, some in white clothes and some in green clothes.
That old man was Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and he ordered me to sit down. Then the Imam (pbuh) took my name and said: Go to Hassan Muslim and say: You have occupied this land for five years and planted and cultivated it. , But we ruin it. This is an honorable land, and the Almighty has chosen and honored it from other lands. This year, you have arranged it again to cultivate it, while you do not have such permission, so any interest And the benefit that you have taken from this land so far, you must return to build a mosque in this place. God Almighty took your two young sons back because of this wrongdoing that you committed and took it as part of your land, but you were not warned, if you want to do it again, the divine punishment will come to you as you are not aware.
I said: O sir and gentleman! I have to have a sign for this; Because people do not accept my words without a sign.
Imam (pbuh) said: “We put a sign here” to confirm your words, you go and do our mission. (In Qom) Go to Sayyid Abu al-Hassan, tell him to come with you and present Hassan ibn Muslim and take the benefits of many years from him and use the building of the mosque. We spent the rest of the expenses from Rahq village of Ardahal to bring our property and finish the construction of the mosque. We dedicated half of Rahq village to this mosque to bring its income every year and spend it on the mosque building

Biography of Hazrat Abolfazl

Hazrat Abolfazl

The great father of Hazrat Abbas (PBUH) Amir al-Mu’minin, the guardian of the Messenger of God (PBUH) in the city of the sciences of prophethood, the first believer in God, the wife of the daughter of his prophet, Aaron’s companion for Moses in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the hero of Islam and He was the first defender of the word Tawhid, who fought with relatives and foreigners to spread the Islamic mission and achieve its great goals.

Intelligent natural selection or imaginary evolution


In the name of God

Intelligent choice or imaginary evolution

The issue of evolution and natural selection has been debated for decades by scientists such as Darwin (1858) and has always been debated between those who believe in the existence of God and researchers who have tried to justify it materially. Darwin was a great figure who helped mankind to discover one of the most complex mysteries of God’s creation.

I respect my research friends, and I am sure that these friends will do their best to extract the best and most accurate results from their research. I am also a surgical fellow in a medical field.

Here I want to discuss two issues. The first is the natural intelligent choice and the second is the view of the divine religions about Adam and life on Earth.

Initially, biologists relied on the theory of evolution to try to gather evidence from fossil studies and geological research to show how old the earth was and how the fossils were arranged to help us confirm the theory of evolution. It was definitely hard work, because the time interval was long and the scope of the field under study was further challenged, until Genetics (1973) helped solve the problem in recent decades. Achieved to a large extent was able to answer unanswered questions.

Now, considering the above, my first question as a monotheist is:


The tragedy of Karbala

This post is a summary of the bookBiography of Imam Hussein (as) / A group of researchers at the Ghaemieh Computer Research Center in Isfahan, March 2011 In the last days of Imam Ali’s (as) life, according to the sermons of His Majesty and the disappearance of the Khavaridje group, who were among the founders of the plan of wisdom in the battle of Safin, which prevented the defeat of Mu’awiyah. Many fighters had gathered in the Nokhhaila region to fight Mu’awiyah again, which weakened the morale of the fighters. After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hassan, his eldest son, was chosen as the Imam and Caliph of the Muslims. He was still involved in Shi’ism and the burial of his father

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ziarat ‘Ashura

Zeiarat Ashora

In the Name of Allah, the Source of General Mercy to all Humanity, the Source of Specific Grace to the Believers

Peace be upon you O’ Aba ‘Abdillah; Peace be upon you O’ son of the Messenger of Allah; Peace be upon you O’ son of the Commander of the Faithful and the son of the leader of the inheritors (of the Prophet); Peace be upon you O’ son of Fatimah, the leader of the women of the entire Universe.

أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ يَا أَبَا عَبْدِ اللّٰهِ، أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ يَا بْنَ رَسُولِ اللّٰهِ، أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ يَا بْنَ أَمِيرِ الْـمُؤْمِنِينَ، وَابْنَ سَيِّدِ الْوَصِيِّينَ،أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ يَا بْنَ فَاطِمَةَ سَيِّدَةِ نِسآءِ الْعالَـمِينَ،

Peace be upon you O’ the one who was killed and whose blood has not yet been avenged – and whose avenging is in the hands of Allah and peace be upon you, the son of one who was killed and whose blood has not yet been avenged (Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib) and peace be upon you O’ the one who was alone, an individual (killed). Peace be upon you and also upon those souls who accompanied you to your annihilation.

Imam Ali(AS) biography

Ghadir khom

. Some Sunni elders, after expressing the flow  The birth of Prophet Ali (as) is said in the Kaaba: It is a great honor for Ali (AS) to be born in the house of God and to be considered a celebration of his birthplace. Ibid., Vol. 6, pp. 36 and 37

It is narrated from Sa’ةa ibn Suhan who, in the last moments of Ali’s life, asked his Prophet: Are you superior or Prophet Jesus ibn Maryam?

Ali (AS) said: Jesus ‘mother was in Jerusalem, when the time of Jesus’ birth came, Mary heard you go out, This is a place of worship, not a maternity hospital, but my mother, Fatima Bint Assad, once When her delivery was near, she was in the shrine, the wall of the Kaaba  It was split, and I was born there. And no one has such virtue, neither before me, nor after me. (Qazvini, Seyyed Kazim, Ali from Birth to Martyrdom, p. 1, Qom, Alamieh Publication, 1977)

Emam-Ali biography pdf