Experience near death

This lady explains that because she has suffered from many family and economic problems. Therefore, she constantly objected to God and denied God one last time, and said, “God, if you exist, show yourself to me, and then lie down on the couch and feel.” He is very thirsty. Then he gets up to go to the kitchen while he has no will and goes out. Then he sees his body lying on the couch while his soul comes out of the house. He says I could easily see inside all the houses, I even knew who were inside the houses. Suddenly I saw animals the size of a three-story building attack me like pigs, etc. They made terrible noises and attacked me. It was a very horrible scene. I was trapped next to a concrete wall. I had no hope of being saved anymore. Suddenly I cried from the bottom of my heart or Imam Hussein help me (it should be explained here that Imam Hussein is the third Imam of the Shiites who is the grandson of the Prophet of Islam In the desert of Karbala, he and 72 of his companions and relatives, including his six-month-old infant, were besieged and dismembered by the 30,000-strong Yazid army, and their property was looted, and their tents were set on fire and their wives were They were taken prisoner.). This lady says: “As soon as I said, ‘Help me, Hussein,’ I saw a hand come up and pull me up and save me.” The child sat down and cut his throat, and immediately the child’s head and hands came back and blood came out of his throat and there was blood everywhere and at once the whole space was filled with a voice that said: halat be fenak

(He had seen the scene of the shooting on the neck of Imam Hussein’s (AS) son when his father took him by the head and asked Yazid’s army to have mercy on the infant and give him water. But Yazid’s army tore his throat with an arrow. .

This lady says: Suddenly I saw myself inside my body. I immediately picked up my phone and searched for the word I heard there (halat be fenaek). I saw the text of this Ashura pilgrimage prayer which is about the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

From there, I decided to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), but this took two years (because I had taken usury and this money was forbidden in my life, and it took me two years to return it).

I suffered a lot to reach Karbala. There, because it was the days before Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (AS), it was very crowded, so we made a pilgrimage from afar and we returned the women to the hotel.

There, while I was trying to lie on my bed, I saw myself out of my soul again. I saw that I was near the shrine of Imam Hussein, I saw everyone, even everyone who said everything and did everything.

Even one of our gentlemen greeted Imam Hussein (AS) in a special way, to which I said the next day: Why did you greet Imam Hussein like that? He came back and told me, “Did you not return? Where did you see him?”

He says: I am between the two shrines (I must explain that between the two shrines is the part where the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) is on one side and the shrine of Hazrat Abul-Fazl (AS) is on the other side, which is oval and this distance is about 70 meters. is ). I saw it as an oval that continued to the throne of God and had no roof and …

Eventually he returns to his body and sees that his roommate spit on his face and says that he suddenly fainted.

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