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Do Shiites exaggerate their beliefs?

Is it true that Shiites have unreasonable supernatural beliefs (according to modern people, they exaggerate)? To examine this point of view, it is better to seek help from the Holy Quran, which is the word of God Almighty. Certainly, all Muslims are aware of this fact that the Holy Qur’an is the word of God and the miracle of the Prophet, and according to the Holy Qur’an itself, no one is capable of reciting a single surah like it. If we take a brief look at the book of God, we will see stories in it that were anywhere other than the Holy Quran, perhaps many Muslims would deny it, let alone non-Muslims – to clarify the issue, we will mention some famous stories in the Holy Quran. .

                                                                      1- The story of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) being thrown into the fire and the fire cooling down for him – Prophets/Sura 21, verse 60.

                                                                       2- The story of birds coming back to life in the hands of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) – Surah Al-Baqarah verse 260

                                                                      3- The splitting of the Nile river by the staff of Moses (pbuh) -] Surah Taha, verse: 77 “He made a way for them in the sea…

                                                                      4- Pouring food from the sky for the people of Bani Israel -] Baqarah: 57

                                                                       5- Conquering demons and making use of them by Hazrat Suleiman – Surah p. 38.                                                                       6- Solomon’s ride on the wind – Saba/Sura 34, verse 10-12

Meeting with Imam Zaman (AS) in the present age-2

A meeting between Ayatollah Haqshanas and Imam Zaman (A.S.)

One of the students and close friends of the religious scholar Hazrat Ayatollah Hajj Mirza Abdul Karim Haqshanas, in a telephone interview with him by the reporter of Labik, he shared an unspoken and instructive memory of that divine scholar, which you will see below:

Mr. RL said: The late Haj Agha (Ayatollah Haqshanas) missed his flight at Mehrabad airport when he wanted to go to Mecca and had to be sent alone for the next flight.

After getting off the plane in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) because no one knew him and he had lost his caravan and he also did not know where the accommodation of the caravan and his companions was, they boarded a taxi and the taxi driver accompanied them. A convoy is disembarked and they are not treated with respect during this route.

Even that caravan gives a place like a warehouse where onions, potatoes, etc. were kept to Ayatollah Haqshanas and they say that you are not our pilgrim.

Ayatollah Haqshanas, who had become “distressed” due to his old age and physical condition on the one hand, and people’s inappropriate treatment of him, found recourse to the holy presence of Sahib al-Zaman (a.s.) (Imam Mahdi a.s.) in the same place (the hotel storeroom).

Ayatollah Haqshanas says: Until I found refuge with Hazrat Hojjat (A.J.), Agha (A.J.) came, I stood up, I stood up, he smiled at me and I held Agha Imam Zaman for 15 minutes and I reported to them that I I got stuck on the flight, I lost my way and…they mistreated me, they said these things to me and they say you are not one of us… I used to say that they heard all my prayers, after my prayers were over, Hazrat Hojjat came, when Imam Zaman left, suddenly the door of the warehouse opened and the head of the Iranian consul in Jeddah came in and said where were you and we searched for you a lot and…

Then, after expressing this memory, Mr. R-L continued by quoting Ayatollah Haqshanas:

This was while no one knew where Ayatollah Haqshanas was, then he was treated with great dignity and respect and all facilities were provided.

After expressing this memory, Ayatollah Haqshanas used to say:

Any person in need, wherever he is, appeals to Hazrat Baqiyat Allah, Hazrat himself will come.

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Tebayan Mahdavit section

Miracles of the Twelfth Imam (Imam of the Time) in the contemporary century

On Monday, the 18th month of Safar of the year one thousand three hundred and ninety-seven, an important event happened that worried me and hundreds of other people, that is, my wife, Mohammad Motaghi Hamedani, due to the grief and crying of her two young children for two years. who died in one moment in the mountains of Shemiran, on this day they had a partial stroke, of course, according to the doctors’ orders, we were treated and treated, but no results were obtained until the night of Friday 22nd of Safar, that is, four days after the stroke incident, Friday night at I almost went to rest in my stall after reciting a few verses from the word of God and reading a short prayer from the Friday night prayers, I asked God Almighty to allow Imam Zaman Hajja bin Al-Hassan, may God bless him and his father, to help us. And the reason why I resorted to it and did not directly ask God Almighty for my needs was that almost a month before this incident, my little daughter Fatima was begging me to read the stories of those who were blessed by Hazrat Baqiyat Allah. The spirit and the souls of the worlds were sacrificed to him, and they have become responsible for the emotions and benevolence of that master. I also accepted the request of this ten-year-old girl and read Najm Saqib Haji Nouri’s book to her. Meanwhile, I also thought that like hundreds of other people, why should I not resort to the evidence of waiting for the twelfth Imam, peace be upon him, so as above I reminded him that around eleven o’clock in the night, I appealed to that nobleman and went to sleep with a heart full of sorrow and tears in my eyes. I woke up at four o’clock after midnight on Friday as usual. Everyone is coming – the noise increased a bit and they became quiet, and at half past five, which was the first morning call to prayer in those days, I came down with the intention of ablution, and suddenly I saw my eldest daughter, who was usually asleep at this time, was awake and full of joy and happiness. Until his eyes fell on me, he said, “Give me good news, sir.” I said, “What’s going on?” I thought that my sister or brother came from Hamedan. He said that they healed my mother. I said that he healed? He said that his mother woke us up at four after midnight with a loud voice and haste and anxiety because her daughter and her brother Haj Mehdi and her niece Engineer Ghafari had come from Tehran to take the patient to Tehran for treatment. There were three people in the sick room, when suddenly the sick man shouted, “Get up, chase him away, get up, chase him away.” He sees that by the time they wake up, the gentleman is gone, he has not been able to move for four days, and jumps to follow him. His daughter, who was taking care of her mother’s condition, had woken up due to her mother’s noise to wake up the man, followed her to the yard to see where her mother was going. He can believe that he has come all this way. He asks his daughter Zahra if I am dreaming or awake? Her daughter answers that your mother healed you, sir, where were you when you said to send him away, we didn’t see anyone, mother says Mr. A nobleman in clerical clothes, who was neither very young nor old, came to my bedside and said: Get up, God has healed you. I said I can’t get up. He said in a sharper tone: You are cured, get up and I got up from the majesty of that great man. He said: You are cured, don’t take medicine and don’t cry anymore, and when he wanted to leave the room, I woke you up to send him away, but I saw that you were late, so I got up myself and followed the gentleman, thank God, after this attention and The patient’s condition improved immediately, and her right eye, which had lost vision due to the stroke, was resolved. After four days, he did not feel like eating at all, at that moment he said, “I am hungry, bring me food.” They gave him a glass of milk that was in the house and he ate it willingly. She was relieved from her heart and besides, the above-mentioned lady had rheumatism from five years ago, she was cured by the grace of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, although the doctors could not cure her. One of the doctors who treated this lady, I explained her recovery to him. The doctor said that the stroke that I saw could not be cured by normal means unless it was cured by breaking habits and miraculously. Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and peace be upon him, Muhammad and his family of the infallible, especially the Imam of the Asr and the honor of the future, the circle of possibility, the lord and ruler of mankind, the owner of the earth and time, the owner of the rivals of the worlds, Hajja bin Al-Hasan al-Askari, peace be upon him and his forefathers of the infallible, until the Day of Resurrection. Ibn Mohammad Taqi Muttaqi Hamdani). The book of authenticity of Mahdavit…p. 70-74 Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani

Age of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) at the time of appearance:

The opinion of the Shia – the opinion of the Sunnis

Which is more rational?

In all divine and non-divine religions, it is emphasized on the savior of the end of time that he will eliminate oppression and oppression in the world and establish the rule of justice.

Not much has been said about the characteristics of the savior, but in Sunni religion it is claimed that the savior is born before the advent and rises in youth or middle age and fills the world with justice and justice after it has been filled with oppression.

We know that throughout the history of mankind, there has never been a single person to rule over all the people of the planet.

And regarding the implementation of justice on earth, the first prophets who were constantly in contact with the source of revelation and received orders from God through Gabriel. They were also unable to establish complete justice in the small community where they appeared and remove oppression from their society. We even have the case of Prophet Noah who, despite 950 years of prophecy, was able to make a handful of people follow his beliefs, let alone govern and implement justice in Society .

  • Now, how can we accept that a person who was born from ordinary parents and has no connection with revelation. At the age of 30-40, he can form such a religious government in the age of inexperience that he can take over all the military-political and economic governments in the world and create justice in the world and all the nuclear and non-nuclear powers. subjugate the world. So, with the knowledge that was only obtained from the appearance of the Qur’an and hadiths, what if we have the words of our honorable imams, which at the end of time, religion is like an upside-down sheepskin. Also, using traditions that have undergone changes and distortions over the course of 1400 years. So, common sense does not allow an ordinary person with this ordinary ability to do something that no prophet has ever done.


Arbaeen Hosseini is famous for the 40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and his faithful companions, which coincides with the 20th day of the month of Safar.

According to some reports, the prisoners of Karbala went to Karbala on the 20th day of Safar 61 AH on their return from Syria to visit the grave of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and other martyrs. However, some scholars such as Sheikh Tusi and Sheikh Mofid believe that the captives went from Syria to Medina; Also, some scholars, writers and Muqatil considered it unlikely that the captives arrived in Karbala during the first Arbaeen of Hussain and rejected the traditions and evidence in this case. However, Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari’s arrival in Karbala in Arba’in and the visitation of that Prophet, there is not much difference between the sources and the tradition of Arba’in pilgrimage was established by him.

Arbaeen pilgrimage is one of the recommended actions of this day and according to a narration from Imam Hassan Askari (peace be upon him), it is considered one of the signs of a believer. Shiites mourn on this day. The Arbaeen walk to Karbala is one of the largest mourning ceremonies and one of the largest religious gatherings in the world.

Eid al-Adha

Sacrifice of Abraham عید قربان | Painted by Muhammad Zaman, … | Flickr

Eid al-Qorban or Eid al-Adha is the tenth day of Dhu Hajj, which is one of the great Islamic holidays. According to traditions, on this day God commanded Ibrahim Khalil to sacrifice his son Ismail. He took Ishmael to the altar, but Gabriel came down with the “goat” and Ibrahim sacrificed it instead of Ishmael. The tradition of sacrifice on the day of Eid al-Adha in the land of Mena commemorates that event. Muslims who go to visit the house of God for Hajj, according to conditions, they are obliged to sacrifice in Mina.

In religious sources, practices for the night and day of this Eid are mentioned. Staying awake, bathing and pilgrimage Imam Hussain (pbuh) is one of the practices of the night of Eid and bathing, Eid al-Adha prayer, offering sacrifices, pilgrimage Imam Hussain (pbuh) and reciting the Nadbah prayer are some of the activities of Eid day. Fasting on Eid al-Adha is forbidden.

Eid al-Adha is an official holiday in Islamic countries and Muslims celebrate on this day.

kisa hadith

The hadith of Kisa is a hadith on the virtues of the Prophet (PBUH), Ali (AS), Fatima (AS), Hassan (AS) and Hussein (AS). The event of the hadith of Kisa took place in my house, Salma, the wife of the Prophet. When the verse of purification was revealed, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) covered himself and his family with a woolen cloth. Shiite Imams have cited this hadith to prove their virtue and superiority in taking over the Muslim caliphate. The text of a hadith that is mentioned in some keys called the hadith of Kisa, . The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is supposed to receive an important message from God about some of his relatives in the house of his wife, Umm Salma. Therefore, he insists on his wife not to allow anyone to enter. On the other hand, on the same day, Fatima (PBUH), the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH), decides to prepare a suitable food for her father called Asideh (Kachi) [1]. He provides this food in a small stone cauldron and puts it on a plate and brings it to his father. The Prophet (PBUH) said to his daughter: “Go and bring your wife and two children.” Fatemeh (s) immediately returned home and entered her father’s house with her husband and two children, who were young at the time. Umm Salma got up at the suggestion of the Messenger of God (PBUH) and prayed beside him.

The Messenger of God (PBUH) sat with Ali (AS) and Fatima (AS) and his two children Hassan (AS) and Hussein (AS) at Fatima’s table. The Prophet (PBUH) puts a Khyber’s cloak (a cloak made of the people of the Khyber region) on his son-in-law, daughter and children, and points to the sky with his right hand and says: “O God! These are my Ahl al-Bayt (AS). “So remove any filth from them and cleanse them completely!” , Then Jibreel Amin, came down and recited the verse of purification: And make it clean.) [Parties-33]                                                                                                                                                                          Umm Salma came forward and lifted the corner of Kesa, but the Prophet (PBUH) took Kesa from her hand and prevented her from

2- Sheikh Ansari’s meeting with Imam Zaman(AS)

shehkh mortaza Ansary

Allameh Sheikh Morteza Ansari was one of the prominent scholars and authorities of the thirteenth century. The textbooks “Makaseb” and “Rasa’il” which are taught in seminaries are among his works. He was an unparalleled ascetic and devotee and was considered the only age in terms of science and spiritual aspects.

When his mother was told, “Your child has reached the highest levels of knowledge and piety,” he replied, “I was waiting for my child to progress further; “Because I did not breastfeed him unless I was performing ablutions, and even on cold winter nights I did not breastfeed him without ablutions.”

One of the students of the late Sheikh Morteza Ansari says: “I came out of the house in Karbala in the middle of the night, while the alleys were muddy and dark and I had taken a lamp with me. I saw a person from a distance, and when I approached him, I saw that my teacher was Sheikh Ansari. Seeing him, I thought, where are they going in these muddy alleys with weak eyes ?!

Meeting of the great scholars of Islam with Imam al-Zaman (as) (1) 1- Sayyid Ibn Tawus

Sayyid ibn Tawus

 Sayyid Ibn Tawus was born in Muharram 580 in Hilla Seifiya. His name is Ali ibn Musa ibn Ja’far with the nicknames “Abu al-Qasim”, “Abu al-Hasan” and “Abu Musa” and he is nicknamed “Razi al-Din” and is known as “Ibn Tawus”.

Sayyid Ibn Tawus is one of the famous figures whose father and ancestors were all scholars and scientists of the Islamic world and were considered to be people of knowledge and virtue. Sayyid Ibn Tawus himself says about his pure lineage: “God Almighty, from our pure ancestors, Muhammad (PBUH), Ali (AS), Fatima (AS), Hassan, Hussein (AS) and Zayn al-Abidin (AS) to our fathers Abrar “It has given us the honor of our fathers, grandfathers and mothers, who were all religious and trustworthy and fully trusted by the people, and all of whom praised them and acknowledged their glory and greatness.”