Intelligent natural selection or imaginary evolution


In the name of God

Intelligent choice or imaginary evolution

The issue of evolution and natural selection has been debated for decades by scientists such as Darwin (1858) and has always been debated between those who believe in the existence of God and researchers who have tried to justify it materially. Darwin was a great figure who helped mankind to discover one of the most complex mysteries of God’s creation.

I respect my research friends, and I am sure that these friends will do their best to extract the best and most accurate results from their research. I am also a surgical fellow in a medical field.

Here I want to discuss two issues. The first is the natural intelligent choice and the second is the view of the divine religions about Adam and life on Earth.

Initially, biologists relied on the theory of evolution to try to gather evidence from fossil studies and geological research to show how old the earth was and how the fossils were arranged to help us confirm the theory of evolution. It was definitely hard work, because the time interval was long and the scope of the field under study was further challenged, until Genetics (1973) helped solve the problem in recent decades. Achieved to a large extent was able to answer unanswered questions.

Now, considering the above, my first question as a monotheist is:

Is natural evolution and choice, in the opinion of contemporary biologists, a conscious process, or a blind and unconscious process that has only been the result of countless blind-aimless, repetitive events in nature, created at the end of this human circle? Intelligent-thinking-creative-with-program-and-universe that, based on its knowledge, has revealed the secret of the creation of galaxies 13 billion years ago.

A human being who knowingly reveals the secret of cells and the extraordinary function of the nucleus – mitochondria – ribosomes – cytoplasm – cell membranes – sodium and potassium pumps – specific function of nerve cells – gastrointestinal – vision – hearing – heart – lung – blood and coagulation system. Coagulation cascade is famous and 13 factors that act in tandem and save a person’s life against bleeding – a complementary system with its unique complexity that protects the safety and health of animals, which if not acted on time, from a single organism except a number The carnivorous bacterium will remain nothing – or the process of cell proliferation that is the key to the living organism, with what finesse it goes from DNA to mRNA and tRNA and ribosomes and mitochondria and so on. The division of meiosis into sex cells, which has a wonderful story of its own, and thousands of other physiologies that need no explanation.

Now, considering these explanations, if biology professors believe in intelligent natural evolution. We have nothing to say about the name of this intelligent choice, but we call him God. description)

Midwifery of a male zebra for the birth of a female donkey – The female donkey faints from the intensity of the pain, which awakens her by biting – After the baby comes out, it pulls him out – After giving birth, the female zebra intends to kill the baby, which The male donkey’s grave shields itself to calm down – the shocked child owes the male donkey’s bite to regain consciousness. Has all this consciousness been given to him by unconscious nature?

But if friends do not believe in the process of intelligent evolution, we respect all of them and their efforts, we consider this theory an insult to the listener’s consciousness. Please note: “In 1879, Darwin wrote in a letter to a friend:” In my most extreme fluctuations, I have never been an atheist in the sense of denying the existence of God. I think in general and as I get older, but not always, the word agnostic gives a more accurate description of my state of mind.

I would like to tell these friends of the second group, if you are now told that a computer device, made by the first humans, has been found in a cave in Africa. Do you not react immediately and do not deny this? Isn’t the body of a living thing hundreds of times more complex than a computer device? Has man, despite significant advances in science and technology, been able to produce a single-celled living being? Listen to artificial life, these problems are for the simplest form of life. How about complex cases? Assuming this is done by an unconscious nature, how far-fetched and imaginative it can be.

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