Do all Muslims have one religion

Unfortunately, Islam has been divided into two branches, like Christianity, after the death of the Prophet.

Sunnis: Maybe about 75-80% of the world’s Muslims are Sunnis. The Sunnis are divided into four sub-groups: Shafi’i-Maliki-Hanafi and Hanbali.

Shiites: about 20-25% of the Muslim population of the world. The Shiites are divided into three Shiite subgroups, five Imams – seven Imams and twelve Imams, about 90% of whom are twelve Imams. Operators of this site are Shiite and twelve imams, so the instructions and opinions of this site are in accordance with the guidelines and rules of this religion.

Sunnis believe that the choice of the Prophet’s successor was up to the people. Therefore, after the Prophet’s death, Abu Bakr first, then Omar, then Uthman and then Prophet Ali (AS) were among the four successors of the Prophet (Rashidin Caliphs).

Sunnis are also called Sunnis because they believe that their behavior is in accordance with the tradition of prophet.

There are two authentic Sunni books, each containing about 6,000 hadiths of the Prophet of Islam.

The names of these books are Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari, which are the most authoritative books after the Holy Quran.

It is noteworthy that the authors of these books lived about 200 years after the Prophet. The author of the book, Sahih Bukhari, has mentioned over 200 hadiths of Aisha (one of the Prophet’s wives) in this book.WHENEVER 1 narration has quoted by fatyma(girl of prophet). From the Ka’b ibn A’hbar who was Jewish, and after the death of the Prophet ,came to Islam . he has narrated over 200 hadiths, while he has quoted 19 hadiths from Ali (AS).

The Shiites believe: Since Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet, so it is not rational to say that God has left people without a leader. Because the book of God often requires interpretation, and it is not right to put a book without a teacher among the people.Whenever a teacher wants to leave the classroom for a moment, he or she must leave one of the students as a senior.

How could a prophet after a death leave a nation without a supervisor?

According to Qur’an and hadith, Shia religion has a lot of evidence. God in the Holy Quran and the Prophet of Islam in the hadiths have named Ali (AS) as his successor. (Dear readers, see the biography of Imam Ali on this site for more information.)

From remembrance, there are a few superiority  for her. Ali (AS), after Khadijah (SA), is the first woman of the Prophet, the first person to believe in the Prophet. It is known that the Prophet became Muslim on Monday, and Ali (AS) became a Muslim on Tuesday.

Ali was the Prophet’s cousin, and was in the Prophet’s house for nearly five years under the Prophet’s education. Ali was the Prophet’s son-in-law. The Prophet later said: God commanded Gabriel to give to my daughter Ali Ibn Abi talib. In the night that the Prophet emigrated, he slept in his place, in order not to disbelieve in the Prophet’s absence, and risked his life for the Prophet.

In the battle of Badr, half of the infidels were killed by his swor In the battle of 0hod when everyone fled, even the first three caliphs, Ali (AS), defended the Prophet. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Ali Gabriel screams in the sky and says, A man is not like Ali, and a sword is not like Zulfiqar. During the Khyber war,he was able to remove the Khyber castle door to conquer the Muslims. The Holy Quran  in the 55th Ayah of Ma’adah: Your guardian is one who pays zakat at the time of bowing. Who did it except Ali (AS).

Unless the Prophet said to Ali (AS): You are like Aaron to Moses. Wasn’t Aaron a brother and a successor to Moses? So why didn’t they let Prophet Ali succeed him?

Unless the Prophet said: I am the city of science, and Ali is the city gate.The reason for naming the Shia is that in the Shiite Arabic language it means follower. Therefore, the Shiites consider themselves followers of Ali. The Twelve Imam Shiites believe that Ali and his eleven children are the leaders. Like the Prophet, they are also infallible.

All imams are descendants of the Prophet of Islam. From the Shiite point of view, Ali (AS) is the first imam and successor to the Prophet, who usurped his right.

 Imam Ali’s two children, Hassan (AS) and Hussain (AS) are the second and third Imams. Imam Zayn al-Abidine is the fourth son of Imam Hussein. Muhammad Baqir (as) was the son of the fourth Imam and the fifth Imam of the Shiites (Zaydiyyah Shiites are the second child of the fourth Imam, named Zayd the fifth Imam and the last Imam, so they are the five Shiites). Ja’far Sadeq (AS) is the son of the fifth Imam, the sixth Imam of the Shiites. Since the time of the Imamate of this noble Imam coincided with the abolition of the Umayyad dynasty and the rise of the

Abbasid dynasty, this noble Imam took advantage of the opportunity, and most of the Shi’a orders and rulings were expressed by him, thus giving the Shiites twelve Imams, Ja’fari Also called.

The twelfth Imam Muhammad (PBUH), called al-Mahdi, is the owner of the time, who has been missing from the eyes of the people since the age of 70.And God has put it at the end of time as the human savior of cruelty. Sunnis also believe in the Mahdi (AS). Their opinion is that he has not yet been born. Of course, the emergence of the savior of humanity has come in all divine and non-divine religions.

The seventh Imam was Moses Kazim, the son of the sixth Imam. (A group of Shiites called another son of the sixth Imam, Ismail, the seventh and last Imam. Therefore, they were known as the Shiite seven Imams or Ismailis. Of course, almost no one now believes in this religion).

The eighth Imam Reza (AS) was the son of Imam Musa Kazem, who is a tombstone in Iran. Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) is the ninth Imam known as Imam Javad, who was the only child of the eighth Imam. The tenth Imam Ali al-Naqi (AS) was the son of Imam Javad. The eleventh Imam was Imam Hassan Asgari (AS) and the son of the tenth Imam.

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