The tragedy of Karbala

This post is a summary of the bookBiography of Imam Hussein (as) / A group of researchers at the Ghaemieh Computer Research Center in Isfahan, March 2011 In the last days of Imam Ali’s (as) life, according to the sermons of His Majesty and the disappearance of the Khavaridje group, who were among the founders of the plan of wisdom in the battle of Safin, which prevented the defeat of Mu’awiyah. Many fighters had gathered in the Nokhhaila region to fight Mu’awiyah again, which weakened the morale of the fighters. After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hassan, his eldest son, was chosen as the Imam and Caliph of the Muslims. He was still involved in Shi’ism and the burial of his father

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