The Prophet was born near the dawn of morning  on Friday, half a month in Sha’ban, in the year 254 AH in the city of Samarra in secret. * Name: Mohammad (AS). * Nickname: More than nine hundred nicknames have been mentioned for his Prophet which are available in various books including: Mahdi, Hojat, Criticism, Baqiyatallah Allah Azim, Ghaem Al Muhammad, Sahib al-Zaman. * Father: Imam Hassan Askari (AS). * Mother: Known as Narges, Melika, Reyhaneh, Polish and Lily.

Hakima Khanum, the daughter of Imam Mohammad Javad and the aunt of Imam Hassan Askari, said: One day I was at the home of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), as the sun went down, I got up to go home. Imam Hassan Askari (AS) said: O aunt! Stay in our house tonight, on this night we are born a baby and a beloved baby, a baby that God gives life to the earth through him, he will be the authority of God Almighty. When I looked at his mother, I saw no traces of his carriage; when I said this to Imam Hassan Askari, the Prophet said: Near the dawn of Fajr, the promise of God will be fulfilled, and then he added: “The story of her carriage and childbirth is like that of Moses ( A) is secret and sudden. I was fasting that day, after the dawn and Esha prayers, I fasted at Prophet’s house and lay in bed, got up at midnight for the night prayer, Nargis got up and read the night prayer, the Prophet called me and said: O aunt! The providence of God is near. After that, I read the Qur’an, and then it was a nerve whispering, I went to him quickly, and I laid

bedcloth on the lady, and after a short hour I heard a sound, as I lay down the bedding,

 My eyes fell on the baby that was prostrating. I took her in her arms, she was very clean and fragrant, meanwhile Imam Hassan Askari (AS) said: O aunt! Bring my child. As she embraced her baby, she said, “Baby! Speak. The infant spoke lips and said in eloquent language ((ASH HADO AN LA ELAHA ELA LA  and ASH HADO AN NA MO HA MA DON RA SUL AL LAH)), then uttered the name of the eleven Imams one after the other. He sent Salat and Tahiti. When it was morning I came to Imam Hassan Asgari (AS) to watch the baby again, but I could not find him, I said: O my Lord! Where is my dear baby He said: As Prophet Moses (pbuh)

He went to God in trustship , and our baby went to God in trustship . And when the seventh day came and I came upon that Prophet, he said: O aunt! Bring my baby, when I went into the room, I saw the baby and hugged him and kissed him as I brought him to his father, then Imam Askari put his blessed tongue on the dear baby’s mouth and baby, Father’s tongue sucked like milk and honey. After that, the Imam said: Baby! Speak. The baby again, as before after witnessing the oneness of God and the prophethood of his Prophet, once called an imam before him and sent them greetings and salutations. He then recited the Qur’an’s verse: We decided to leave it to the oppressed of the earth and make them the heirs of the earth.AYAH 5, the surah of the AHGHESAS. and afterwards, he wrote down the names of the books that had been revealed to Prophet Seth, Abraham, Idris, Noah, Hood, Saleh, Moses, and Jesus, and blessed him.

Hakimah, the aunt of Imam Mahdi (AS), says: The next week I went to see the child, I did not find him, I asked his father, where is your son said: Aunt , his life is from now on. Now he is with the angels and they feed him. When God wills  he will come to us.

One thing to keep in mind is that the caliphs of Bani Abbas would not have access to Imam Hassan Asgari for the Shiites. He was housed inside a military area. So that they can keep track of all the proceeds to his home. Sometimes he was imprisoned. And they were very hard on him. Even Imam Hassan Asgari, except for the mother of Imam Mahdi (AS) who was also a slave to Roman captivity, had no wife. Imam Mahdi was five years old when his father died. And the Shia Imamate was given to him. Until the age of 70, Imam Mahdi was associated with the Shiites through the representative of Rafah. And

Mahdi’s representatives were unknown to the Abbasid caliphs. If the caliphate knew the representatives of the Imam, he would certainly kill them. This term is called the minor absence of Imam Mahdi. It was at the end of seventy years, when Imam Mahdi informed his fourth representative, that the time of Soghri’s absence had come to an end. And for a long time only God has been aware of it. Which is called this absence of cobra. Therefore, it has been almost 1,200 years since Imam Mahdi has been absent. But there are many scholars who have visited him during this period, and even Imam Mahdi wrote letters to them and advised them. There were many people who, when they were in serious distress, asked the Imam for help and he came to their aid. Thay were Sometimes non-Shia and even non-muslem. Because Imam Mahdi (AS) is the leader of all human beings. He is sympathetic to all human beings, and he cannot see that there is human suffering, but he does not help that human being. There are many stories in the Shiite books of meeting with Imam Mahdi, which we try to make possible on this site. Prophet Muhammad ibn Muslim said: Imam Baqir (AS) said: O Muhammad ibn Muslim! Qa’em al-Muhammad (PBUH) has five points of divine prophets, in which the Prophet (PBUH) is similar to those five prophets: * He is similar to Prophet Yunus (pbuh) because he, after years of absence in The belly of the fish was lively and powerful when a young man emerged and went out, resembling Prophet Yusuf, in that it was secret and obscure from a strange and familiar point of view, so that even his brothers did not know him. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), because he was regularly feared by the rebels, his birth was secret, and he was long absent, and his friends and followers suffered many injuries and hardships. – endured in the absence of Prophet Moses ibn Imran – and waited for his appearance until the Almighty appeared to him and conquered his enemies and made the believers comfortable. * He is like Jesus As the people disputed about him and some said: Jesus was not born, a group claimed to have been born but was dead. Some said: they hanged him and killed him, while others remained conscious of the reality and truth of the matter. And it is similar to his ancestor, the Prophet of God, in that he goes out and rises with the sword and kills the enemies of God and his messenger, and also crushes and destroys the oppressors and the aggressors. Then, like his ancestor, he will prevail over all with divine victories. Imam Ja’far Sadeq (PBUH) said: Before the Mahdi (pbuh) emerged;

People are suffering a great deal of sin and corruption, there is destruction in Baghdad, there is bloodshed in Basra and its buildings are destroyed and people are dying, in Iraq there is terror and a way to escape and rescue them Not to be. We have narrations: Imam Mahdi emerges at a time of wars, earthquakes and diseases that have tired people. People get so tired that they are dying every day. Imam Mahdi (PBUH) saves people from the rule of the rulers and from corruption, prostitution, misery and bloodshed and wars. The Prophet of Islam says: Imam Mahdi emerges when the world is full of cruelty. About the pre-emergence signs, our imams have said a lot, which is about 1,200 signs, which, according to most scholars, have all appeared. But for the emergence of the 5 inevitable signs mentioned, that according to the Shi’a Imams, there will be no emergence unless these symptoms appear.

Yemeni uprising: Yemeni individualist from Yemen, leaving Sanaa. He has a white flag, and he intends to fight oppression, and will become one of Imam Mahdi’s companions after his appearance.

 2- Safiyani uprising: Safiyani is a cruel and bloodthirsty individual. Who is a descendant of Abu Sufian. Rising from Syria, it occupies Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Jordan and Palestine for five months. And a bloody war in a region called Qurqiya (northern Syria) is waging tens of thousands. After the victory, he goes to Iraq and conquers Baghdad and Kufa. His soldiers even raped a pregnant woman, tearing her belly with a knife. Safyani is informed at the same time that Imam Mahdi (AS) is present in Medina, so he sends half of his army to Medina and there they commit murder and corruption. His armies then move to Mecca, which, by God’s command in a region called Bidaa, all fall to the ground (this is called Bidaa Bidaa) except for three who returned to Kufa for information.

3- Bidea area dive: mentioned above.

4- sky Voice: In the month of Ramadan, in the year after the emergence of the morning prayer, a call from heaven is heard to all the worlds, which introduces Imam Mahdi. In fact: This is a sign that is miraculous and shows the deity of Imam Mahdi’s uprising.

5. Killing of Zakia’s soul: Zakia’s soul is a believer who is a relative of Imam Mahdi (AS) who is beheaded in Mecca without any sin. Imam appears after 15 days of this incident.

Prophet IMAM Baqir  (AS) said to some of his friends: Do not give up and do your duty until the signs and symptoms that I am giving you are revealed. Before the emergence of the Prophet (pbuh), there will be a massive clash between the people, and many people will be killed, followed by a person named Safyani, an army of seventy thousand armed and armed men, first to Syria and after the conquest There it sends to Kufa, which results in a lot of bloodshed and looting. Meanwhile, an army is moving from Khorasan with special flags, including some of the Imam’s companions. The Khorasani army then clashes with the Safyany army between Hira and Kufa. . Then at such a time, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) stands next to the Ka’bah and leans against the wall and addresses the people of the earth and says: O people! We have come to help the religion of God, and anyone who wishes can join our group. And to add to it, we are the people of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and we are closer and closer to every person than God Almighty and His Messenger, so whoever wishes to Adam, Noah and Abraham; and Also, I am ready to negotiate and persuade all the prophets of God, even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After that, he says: Has God Almighty not been mentioned in the Qur’an? Indeed, Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the family of ‘Imran over the worlds -. I am the continuation of Adam and Noah, I am the beloved of Abraham and Muhammad, whoever is willing to negotiate and debate with me about the Qur’an or the tradition of Prophet Muhammad. Because I’m closer to them and more familiar to them than anyone else. After that, he adds, “Those who heard and understood my word, may God guide them.” In the meantime, the present listeners will report these issues and issues to others who are absent … Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) said: In such a situation Allah Almighty has companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who number three hundred and thirteen. These people then vow allegiance to Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Prophet Baqir (AS) added at the end: Imam Mahdi (AS) is one of the children of Imam Hussein (AS), which God Almighty will arrange for the emergence of that Prophet in one night. His blessed name is the same as his grandfather’s name, the Prophet Muhammad.

Imam Sadeq (PBUH) continued: “The voice of Imam Mahdi will reach everyone in the East and West. And when this sound is heard, all his companions and his companions will be gathered in less than a twinkle in his eyes, three hundred and thirteen in the number of companions of the Prophet Muhammad in the battle of Badr. will be. Then all people will make allegiance to the Prophet, and the first to take Imam Mahdi’s hand and make allegiance is Gabriel Amin, and then the other angels who have landed on earth. After them, the faithful who have gathered beside the Prophet (PBUH), make allegiance. Imam Mahdi (AS) then goes to Safiany war. With Khorasani defeating him in Kufa, he escapes to Jerusalem.

Imam Baqir (as) has said about the appearance of the Prophet (pbuh): I see the Prophet moving from Mecca with five thousand angels to Kufa, and Gabriel on the right and Michael on the left and the believers in front of the Prophet. , His Majesty is sending envoys and troops to the cities. When entering the city of Kufa, the three flags are raised and joined. Then the Prophet enters the mosque of Kufa, climbs up the pulpit and talks and lectures;

After the conquest of Kufa, the Imam chases after Safyany, killing him in Jerusalem. But Western countries are backing Imam Mahdi’s war in support of a coalition of Sufis. At this time, God reveals Jesus. And he prays behind Imam Mahdi (AS). And he commands Western countries, which are mostly Christian, to obey the Imam of Time. And so the major order of the Imam’s enemies becomes his companions. After these various groups fight with the Imam of time, all of whom fail. Even a group of clerics exaggerate him and order jihad (holy war) against him, which the Imam fights with and destroys after he sees that they cannot be reformed.

We have narrations; Imam Mahdi (as) judges based on the science of his Imamate, and does not need witnesses to judge, and in fact possesses the unseen knowledge. >>The miraculous thing is that 1200 years ago our imams mentioned about the time of emergence. As Imam’s companions look at the palm of their hand and are informed of the Imam’s orders that we now understand that the purpose of the cellphone was >>. The Imam (as) quickly establishes justice in society, so that even animals can live together without harming one another. Even in the books of David and the Bible we have even a lioness that grows grass. In the rule of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) there is no poor man who can give him zakat of rubbing. God sends a lot of rain and the earth sheds all his blessings. Humans live together in peace, and all people worship only one God. And after the death of Imam (pbuh), the resurrection will take place and the earth will be destroyed.

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