Imam Ali(AS) biography

Ghadir khom

. Some Sunni elders, after expressing the flow  The birth of Prophet Ali (as) is said in the Kaaba: It is a great honor for Ali (AS) to be born in the house of God and to be considered a celebration of his birthplace. Ibid., Vol. 6, pp. 36 and 37

It is narrated from Sa’ةa ibn Suhan who, in the last moments of Ali’s life, asked his Prophet: Are you superior or Prophet Jesus ibn Maryam?

Ali (AS) said: Jesus ‘mother was in Jerusalem, when the time of Jesus’ birth came, Mary heard you go out, This is a place of worship, not a maternity hospital, but my mother, Fatima Bint Assad, once When her delivery was near, she was in the shrine, the wall of the Kaaba  It was split, and I was born there. And no one has such virtue, neither before me, nor after me. (Qazvini, Seyyed Kazim, Ali from Birth to Martyrdom, p. 1, Qom, Alamieh Publication, 1977)

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