What are the Defilements (uncleans)

1-Stools, carnivorous animals, such as humans – pigs – lions, etc. are unclean. So after you go to the toilet, you have to wash yourself with water. And use rock or paper if there is no water.

Pig-dog-wine-beer-feces-urine-semen-blood-dead-animal-infidel-sweat camel-eating feces

2. The urine of the animals is unclean. After going to the toilet, you should rinse your genitals with water. The genitals cannot be cleaned with anything but water

3. Blood – the blood of humans or other animals is unclean. Of course, human blood itself is partially okay. Fresh blood can only be cleaned with water.

4.Human Semen: is unclean. The semen of man is only wiped with water.

5.Dogs and pigs: If the dog or pig’s body is dry, contact with them will not be impure. But if their body or human body is wet, it can cause human impurity.

6.Wine: Wine is also unclean and it is forbidden to eat.

7-Infidel: An infidel is unclean until he believes in monotheism.

8-Blood: The blood of all animals and humans is impure, and if clothing or body is contaminated, it must be cleansed.

9-Beer: Beer is like impure wine

10-Dead animal: The carcass of a dead animal that is dead for any reason other than religious slaughter is unclean.

11-Sweat of camel-eating feces: Some camels eat the feces of humans and other forbidden animals. The sweat of these camels is impure, and if our bodies come in contact with them, they must be washed.

To cleanse from impurity, the limb or clothing should be washed with water. Only in one case, after cleansing, should the whole body be washed, only when the person has been ejaculated. This is called the ablution.

Note, Note: All the Shari’a rulings that are presented on this site can have special details, the full explanation of which is given in the treatise explaining the issues of religious authorities.

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