Where is the holy place for Muslims

Muslims first prayed to Jerusalem (al-Quds), but because people of other religions such as Judaism and Christianity persecuted them.

It was in the second year after the emigration that the Prophet was in charge of praying in the mosque. God commanded the Prophet to pray the rest of the prayers to Mecca. And from that date the Ka’bah was chosen as the second Muslim Qiblah, and that mosque was renamed Zoo Geblatin. Among the sacred places of the Muslims is al-Quds in Jerusalem, and the Kaaba is in Mecca and the al-Nabi mosque in Medina.

The holy shrine of Imam Ali (as)
The holy shrine of Imam Ali (as)

 The Shiites, however, also consider the site of their Imam’s tombs to be sacred, going to cities where they are blessed. Like Medina in Saudi Arabia, Najaf, Karbala, Kazimin, and Samarra in Iraq and Mashhad and Qom in Iran.

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