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Abstract of the life of 12 Imams

shitte Imams

First Imam: Ali (AS)

Father’s name: Aboutaleb

Mother’s name: Fatemeh bint Assad

Fame: Morteza, Amir Mo’menan

Kuniyeh: Abul Hassan

Place of birth: Mecca, born in the Kaaba

Date of birth: 13 Rajab 601 AD

Duration of the Caliphate: 5 years

Imamate period: approximately 30 years

life: 63 years

Martyrdom time: 21 Ramadan 40 AH

Place of martyrdom: Kufa Mosque

His Holiness’s Tomb: Najaf in Iraq

Life span:

Bringing Islam to the age of ten

23 years friend of the Prophet

25 years away from the caliphate

About five years of caliphate.

In which countries are the Shiites

As mentioned earlier, Shiites after Sunnis constitute the largest population among Muslims. Iran has the most Shiea Muslims. The first center of Shiea religious education in Iran (Qom). After Iran, Iraq, then Yemen (mainly Shia Zaidiyeh) then other countries like Azerbaijan – Lebanon – Bahrain – Saudi Arabia – Pakistan – Afghanistan – Turkey – Syria (Alavi Shiite).

 Iran was the only Shiite country in recent centuries, and so most Shiite scholars were Iranian, both in Iran and elsewhere.