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Abstract of the life of 12 Imams

shitte Imams

First Imam: Ali (AS)

Father’s name: Aboutaleb

Mother’s name: Fatemeh bint Assad

Fame: Morteza, Amir Mo’menan

Kuniyeh: Abul Hassan

Place of birth: Mecca, born in the Kaaba

Date of birth: 13 Rajab 601 AD

Duration of the Caliphate: 5 years

Imamate period: approximately 30 years

life: 63 years

Martyrdom time: 21 Ramadan 40 AH

Place of martyrdom: Kufa Mosque

His Holiness’s Tomb: Najaf in Iraq

Life span:

Bringing Islam to the age of ten

23 years friend of the Prophet

25 years away from the caliphate

About five years of caliphate.

Imam Ali(AS) biography

Ghadir khom

. Some Sunni elders, after expressing the flow  The birth of Prophet Ali (as) is said in the Kaaba: It is a great honor for Ali (AS) to be born in the house of God and to be considered a celebration of his birthplace. Ibid., Vol. 6, pp. 36 and 37

It is narrated from Sa’ةa ibn Suhan who, in the last moments of Ali’s life, asked his Prophet: Are you superior or Prophet Jesus ibn Maryam?

Ali (AS) said: Jesus ‘mother was in Jerusalem, when the time of Jesus’ birth came, Mary heard you go out, This is a place of worship, not a maternity hospital, but my mother, Fatima Bint Assad, once When her delivery was near, she was in the shrine, the wall of the Kaaba  It was split, and I was born there. And no one has such virtue, neither before me, nor after me. (Qazvini, Seyyed Kazim, Ali from Birth to Martyrdom, p. 1, Qom, Alamieh Publication, 1977)

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Authority or leadership in Islam (Shiea)

According to Shiea, God has sent the prophets in order to guide humanity. And the earth has never been free from the friends of God. Because the Prophet of Islam was the last of the prophets. And 1400 years have passed since his Prophet. So it is not logical that God sent 124,000 prophets to the people before Islam. But no one has been appointed for the post-Islam era. Therefore, the Shiites believe that God has given the Imams a continuation of human guidance after the Prophet.