Do Shiites exaggerate their beliefs?

Is it true that Shiites have unreasonable supernatural beliefs (according to modern people, they exaggerate)? To examine this point of view, it is better to seek help from the Holy Quran, which is the word of God Almighty. Certainly, all Muslims are aware of this fact that the Holy Qur’an is the word of God and the miracle of the Prophet, and according to the Holy Qur’an itself, no one is capable of reciting a single surah like it. If we take a brief look at the book of God, we will see stories in it that were anywhere other than the Holy Quran, perhaps many Muslims would deny it, let alone non-Muslims – to clarify the issue, we will mention some famous stories in the Holy Quran. .

                                                                      1- The story of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) being thrown into the fire and the fire cooling down for him – Prophets/Sura 21, verse 60.

                                                                       2- The story of birds coming back to life in the hands of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) – Surah Al-Baqarah verse 260

                                                                      3- The splitting of the Nile river by the staff of Moses (pbuh) -] Surah Taha, verse: 77 “He made a way for them in the sea…

                                                                      4- Pouring food from the sky for the people of Bani Israel -] Baqarah: 57

                                                                       5- Conquering demons and making use of them by Hazrat Suleiman – Surah p. 38.                                                                       6- Solomon’s ride on the wind – Saba/Sura 34, verse 10-12