Who is the Prophet of Islam

Name: Mohammed bin Abdullah

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is called “Ahmad” in the Torah and some scriptures. Amina, the daughter of Wahhab, the mother of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had called her “Ahmad” before naming her son Abdulmutallab.
Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): On Friday, the seventeenth day of Rabi’ah (570 AD) (Shiite version).
Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad: Mecca, in the land of Hejaz (present-day Saudi Arabia).

Because Abdullah, the father of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had died two months (and seven months) before his son’s birth, his successor, Abdulmutallab, took over. The Prophet’s mother Aminah lived two years and four months after the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and eventually died.

At a young age, Prophet Muhammad was a very polite and trustworthy person and people kept their loans with him, so he was known as Muhammad Amin.
 Lady Khadijeh was the first woman of the Prophet to be rich and widowed. On one occasion, he made Mohammed the head of his own caravan, when he found out that he was trustee, he offered to marry the Prophet. At that time, the Prophet of Islam was 25 years old, and Khadijeh was 40 years old. The Prophet also accepted his offer, and this was before his Prophet began.

The Prophet of Islam became a prophet at the age of 40. He was a prophet for 23 years, his first 13 years in Mecca. Because Abdulmutallab was the grandfather of the Prophet and also the head of the Quraysh, so they did not dare to kill the Prophet, but to the extent possible, Muslims persecuted his followers, even blocking them for three years in an area called Abi Talib Branches, forcing them to come to the city and Providing them with food
And their relatives were giving them food at night. After a while, Abdulmutallab died, and his uncle Abutaleb became head of the Quraysh. But with the death of Abutaleb (Ali’s father) it became difficult for the Prophet to continue.
One night when the polytheists had plotted to kill him, he was informed by Gabriel. And because the idolaters did not notice his vacancy. Ali (AS) slept in the place of the Prophet. The Prophet emigrated to Medina  . One of the miracles of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was: Immediately after the first revelation of the Prophet’s heart, he became literate. Another miracle of the Prophet is the coming of the Holy Quran, which no one has ever been able to bring a book like him. Among the other miracles of the Prophet, his overnight journey from Mecca to Quds, and then to sky , to the Throne of God which is called Ascension, which is in the Surah of Israel. Another miracle is the story of Shaq al-Qamar. That turned the moon into two halves for infidels, which is the story in Surah of al-Qamar. Another miracle of prophecy was omens the victory of the Romans over the Persians in the years to come, in Surah of  Rome. Depending on the case of the Prophet, he had other miracles mentioned in detail in the related books. The Prophet had three sons and four daughters, three of sons died in infancy.
The Prophet has had 27 battles with enemies, directly involved in them. He has won the rest of the battles except the Battle of ohod.
The Prophet was very good-natured and simple. He did not hate anyone. He was very kind, even forgiving his uncle killer .
God says in the Qur’an: We have given you mercy for the world. He was very kind, had a neighbor in the early days of the Prophet, who used to throw dirt on him every day because of the Prophet’s persecution. And the Prophet would not say. For a few days there was no one. The Prophet went to his place, and was told that he was sick.  The Prophet immediately visited him and asked God for healing.
He forgave Abu Sufyan, the great of Mecca, and all those who had persecuted him during his time as a prophet.

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