Who is Shiea

Shiites believe that every Muslim, in addition to believing in the three principles of monotheism, prophecy, and resurrection, must accept the other two principles, which include justice and Imamate.

عکس با کیفیت پزشک های مسلمان

Justice: a Muslim must believe that God is just. And in the whole world and in the hereafter no one oppresses, because oppression is due to need, while God is capable and needless.

 Imamate: The Shiea believe that, for intellectual and religious reasons, God will not wander his servants after the Prophet’s death. The reason for this is that no prophet was a successor. In fact, most of the prophets were propagandists, meaning that they were promoting their former prophet. Could this divine law have been abolished for a new religion such as Islam, a religion that will meet all human needs until the Day of Judgment? Another reason is that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said to Imam Ali (AS): You are like Aaron to Musa (AS) for me, except that there is no prophet after me.

It is also rational to say that in order to determine the successor of the Prophet, God has to decide, and referring to the public will is not right, since man is very mistaken.

While the best of human beings were the prophets of God. Noah, after ninety-fifty years, united a few, if elections were held، Would Noah be elected leader of the community? Lack of human understanding of the personality angles of individuals is by- law. It often leads to wrong choices.

The Sunnis emphasize on the people to choose the successor of the Prophet. The second caliph, however, replaced the first caliph. The third caliph was elected by the second caliph, appointed by the six-member council. So citing the Sunni people’s vote is just one claim.

If it was the people’s vote, would Imam Ali (AS) willingly vote for Abu Bakr? Or they tied her hand and rubbed her neck took Abu Bakr agora. In the letter of Mu’awiyah to Imam Ali (AS), who humiliated you, like a camel … to the service of the caliph. imam Ali said :It was honor for me And I wasn’t satisfied with the allegiance except by force.                                                                                                             

The Qur’anic reasons for the Shiite religion for the Imamate of Imam Ali (AS) include: Ayah of Mubahele (surah of al-Imran 61) Ayah of  Moaddat (surah of  Shura ayah 23) -Laylatoal-mabiat (surah of  Baqharah ayah 207) –ayah of  balagh (surah of  maeda ayah 67) –Ayah of Ekmal (Ayah 3 Surah of Al-Maidah) –Ayah of  wellayat  (Ayah 55-surh of Ma’adah) –Ayah of  yotemon alteam (surah of  insan  Ayah 8) –Ayah of tathir  (Ayah33-surah of alahzab ) – Ayah of  ollel amer (surah of   alNisa Ayah 59) – Ayah of  Ssadeghin  (Surah of Al-Tawbiyah ayah 119) and …, and also the

of Yum Eldar – Hadith of Lasif ella Ali … – Hadith of Thaghalin – Hadith of Haqq is with ALI … – Hadith of 12 Khalifa (Twelve Successors) – Hadith of Ghadir – Hadith of Kassa – Hadith of Jaber – Hadith of Wellayat – Hadith Prophet’s (PBUH) Tale of Prophet Ali in Ascension

 A Prophet’s Story in the Days Before His Death, who said in the presence of the Companions: Bring paper and  pen , to write something, that you will not be misled after me. But Umar said, the Prophet  deliriums .Afterward “Omar said to Ibn Abbas:” The Prophet wanted to write something about Ali’s succession, so I did not leave.

Another reason why Abu Bakr and Umar wanted to usurp the Prophet’s successor was not to go to war with the Romans. Because the Prophet was very ill, so they stayed in Medina, knowing that the Prophet’s death was near. Prophet tree time said :  Go to war, but they ignored the Prophet’s words.

 Imam Ali’s service to Islam, whether during the time of the Prophet or after his death, is undeniable. Even Umar himself would admit that, if it wasn’t for Ali, life would have been lost.

 Summary؛ Who can but Ali (AS) say: Ask me before you lose me. The Shi’a believe that after the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Imam (s) was chosen by God, his successor, and the Prophet repeatedly reminded him.

The first Imam to the Shiites is Imam Ali and the last to them is Imam Mahdi, whose world is eagerly awaiting his appearance.

Another reason for the Shiites to justify their Imams is the many miracles that the Shiites have seen from the graves of these beloved ones. (There are a number of books on this site).

 Has anyone seen a miracle for the first three caliphs?

So a Muslim is one who believes in Monotheism – Prophecy and Resurrection, a Shiite who also accepts justice and imamate.

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