What is required for ablution(ghosl)

In intercourse, menstruation, puerperium, for the dead, touching the corpse, and Estehaze ,by swearing should perform ghusl

  • Sex (mentioned above)
  • menstruation. After menstruation, women should first perform ghusl to pray
  • lochia- puerperium, : (Blood that flows out of the womb up to ten days after delivery)
  •  Dead Touch: (If anyone is dead, they have not yet been given a ablution(ghosl) . Dead touch causes a ablution(ghosl)
  • Oath and Vow: One who swears, or one who vows to perform a ablution 
    • Estehazeh: It is a blood that comes out of a woman’s uterus, and it is not related to menstruation, puerperium or wounds
    •  Dead  ablution (ghosl): Whenever a Muslim dies, he must be abluted  before being buried.

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