What Is Islam’s View of Science

In Islam there is a great emphasis on science. As mentioned before. The first Ayah that came to the Prophet of Islam was about reading. Elsewhere we have the Holy Qur’an, which God swear by the pen, and what He writes. In many places in the Holy Quran, man is encouraged to think, to think in his creation, and to create the earth and skies

Science and Islam
The value of science

We have in the narratives, one who comes out of the house to teach science, the angels spread their wings under his feet.

 We have another narratives: that the Prophet of Islam considered learning to be obligatory. Elsewhere the Prophet says, you must go to China to learn science (at that time China was the farthest point from Mecca).

In the battle of Badr, the Prophet (PBUH) offered the captives, each to educate ten Muslims, to be released.

Also, we have narrations that on the Day of Judgment the value of the pen of the scholars is higher than the blood of the martyrs

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