What is a Muslim book

Muhammad is the Prophet of Islam, whose book is also called the Qur’an, composed of 114 surahs. (Each surah contains a portion of the Qur’an that talks about a particular subject.

Each surah has smaller parts called ayah. It usually consists of several letters to several sentences.) The Qur’an was came down  to the Prophet over 23 years. It is interesting that the Holy Quran is one of the miracles of the Prophet that no one is able to bring forth even a similar surah. The Holy Qur’an is also called on the enemies, if you have any doubt in the Qur’an, bring some suras like it. But other scripts like Torah and Vanilla are not miracles, so they have been repeatedly manipulated The first Ayah  that came down to Prophet was the word “Eghrah” (meaning reading), the Prophet said: I don’t know how to read.  Again the angel of revelation (Gabriel) said: Sing in the name of your Lord. So the first Ayah  that was read to the Prophet was about science, and this shows the importance of science in Islam.  And it’s interesting to know that Prophet was illiterate.  And with this command, he learned to read, and it became another miracle of the Prophet.  All the people of Mecca knew until then that the Prophet of Islam was illiterate.

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