What are the prohibitions (things that are forbidden)

Pork is forbidden

Eat pork and all carnivorous animals, and dead animal meat, and Animals with ungulate feet, like donkeys and horses … are forbidden.  It is forbidden to eat halal meat cut by non-Muslims.

Wine: Drinking wine and alcohol that can cause drunkenness is forbidden.

Wine and beer are forbidden

Gambling: Any game that involves winning or losing is forbidden.

conditions of slaughter include

1- Muslim slaughterer.

2- The animal must be slaughtered on the Qiblah.

 3- The slaughterer says Bismillah.

 4- With a sharp knife, immediately take the veins of his neck so that the animal will not suffer much.)

– Theft or looting of people’s property is forbidden.

Adultery: According to Islamic law, there must be conditions for marriage.

The first condition: There must be at least two men who witness the marriage.

 The second is: both have reached puberty.

 The third condition is that if the daughter is a virgin, the father of the girl must be consenting to marriage.

The fourth condition is that men and women can come together for a while to get to know one another’s ethics and behavior. They should, of course, read the sermon of Mahramiat. There is no sex at all.

 Of course, if the woman  is in her second marriage, no father’s permission is needed.

 In Shiite religion we have a kind of non-permanent marriage, with two people agreeing to be together for a certain period of time, such as a couple of months. But here too, the sermon should be signed and intuitive. That is called concubine.

 This type of marriage is not in the Sunni religion. However, any kind of sexual intercourse except for the above is considered adultery.  Islam believes that human status is much higher than animals, who will sleep with anyone at any time

Reba (Lucre): Islam believes that the economy should be healthy and transparent. Money should be offered against goods or services. No money should be given for money.

That is, if someone gives some money, and after some time gets more money back, it is forbidden.

Lie – Slander – Deceit – Fear – Fear – Envy – Fraud – Fooling people – Sedition is forbidden. In fact, there is a well-known rule of religion, which states: Whatever the intellect accepts, so does the Religious . And whatever the religion does not accept, the intellect does not

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