What are the Obligatory of Islam-pray

Prayer of a Shiite veteran

In the requirements of the Islamic religion, there are differences in the two Sunni and Shiea religions, which will be discussed below.

It is a form of worship to God, which is repeated 5 times day and night which is called a rak’at each time. The morning prayer is two rak’ats. The noon prayer is four rak’ats. The evening prayer is four rak’ats. The Vespers is three rak’ats. The EIsha prayer is four rak’ats. Usually one rak’at takes about a minute. There is no difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites in the number of prayer rakes.

Sunnis believe that prayers should be performed in five separate servings. Shiites believe that prayers do not need to be in five separate portons. But if one can read his prayers separately, it is better.

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