Authority or leadership in Islam (Shiea)

According to Shiea, God has sent the prophets in order to guide humanity. And the earth has never been free from the friends of God. Because the Prophet of Islam was the last of the prophets. And 1400 years have passed since his Prophet. So it is not logical that God sent 124,000 prophets to the people before Islam. But no one has been appointed for the post-Islam era. Therefore, the Shiites believe that God has given the Imams a continuation of human guidance after the Prophet.

Imam Ali

Their first was Imam Ali (AS), and continued with his eleven children. And now it is the duty of the twelfth Imam (Imam Mahdi). Which is hidden from human eyes. The Twelfth Imam (Imam Mahdi) sees human beings, and mediates in the presence of God to solve their problems, but humans do not see Him. And if they see, they don’t know him.

 We have in the narrative of the sixth Imam (Imam Sadiq (as)) how people benefit from the existence of the Twelfth Imam while he is not seen. He says people use them like humans use the sun behind the cloud.The Shiea believe that the science of the Imams is like the science of the Prophet of All these imams have never gone to school and had no knowledge of anyone, but their tips and tricks are very deep and scientific. The sixth Imam (Imam Sadiq) was a great teacher in his time. And some say that it had up to six thousand students. Imam Hanafi, a Sunni leader, was a pupil of the sixth Imam. And Imam Al-Maliki used his classroom. While Imam Hanafi himself confessed that I did not see Ja’far bin Mohammed as a pupil.Therefore, the Shiites believe that the Imams were chosen to lead humanity so that the Muslim community would not be misled after the Prophet.The Sunnis only refer to the Prophet’s word for their rulings. But in Shiite religion, Both the Prophet’s word and the Imams’ word are used. Therefore, the Shiea are richer in the sources of jurisprudence According to the Shiea, as the world is progressing. And we do not have access to the Imam of Time (Imam Mahdi) to ask our questions. Therefore, we must use those who have studied religion, and who have worked for many years, as a religious authority. And take our religious commandments on old and new subjects. Religion is a complicated matter, and ordinary people cannot understand their religious orders. Therefore, ordinary people must obey them. So-called imitation sources, and ordinary people who imitate them, are called imitators.There are now many imitation authorities in the world who have a treatise explaining religious matters. The largest Shiite religious centers are in Iran, located in the holy city of Qom. After Qom, the Najaf Religious Center in Iraq is one of the most prestigious religious centers in the world.

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